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The act of removing hair by pulling it out of its root is called epilating. As society’s notions of hygiene and body grooming shift, epilating is becoming an everyday requirement. Necessary as it may be, yanking thousands of hairs is a tedious task that often makes us cringe. We do it because it is preferable, when compared to the alternative. Razors are great for shaving one’s face, and if they are used in other areas, they often lead to razor burn and irritation. Not only are ingrown hairs repulsive from an aesthetic standpoint, they also cause a great amount discomfort and pain.

The Emjoi soft caress epilator offers customers a smooth and pleasurable experience, eliminating most of the factors that make this activity so unpleasant. The Emjoi product is not an ordinary piece of grooming technology. It tries to contribute to the standard design, adding many new features. Every addition maximizes comfort and enhances user safety. Regardless of the item that is being purchased, a consumer must be aware of what he/she is paying for.


There are two main qualities that define a great Epilation experience: duration of the effect, and effectiveness of the process. In both categories, Emjoi reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Given that making an informed decision is so important, here are some of Emjoi epilator’s best features:

Accessibility and versatility- an epilator is useless if you cannot take it with you. Thankfully, the Emjoi has a sleek, compact design that facilitates transportation. It may seem like a pet peeve, but dropping your shaver or soft caress epilator is very unpleasant. If it happens once, that is your fault. If it happens all of the time, that is bad grip design. The Emjoi hair removal tool is shaped to fit your hand, featuring a soft touch grip.

Plug it in, or charge it and go- with Emjoi, you will not be forced to stay close to a wall socket, because of your cord’s limited length. The product offers both corded and cordless options.

Emjoi Soft Caress3Luxurious hair remover- these gold plated tweezers are not just for show. Small hairs are extremely hard to remove, given their diminutive size. When dealing with other products, one has no choice but to let them grow out, until they are large enough to yank. Shaving is also an option, but there is a serious risk for razor burn and ingrown hairs. Basically, any lady that shaves or epilates her legs, has to choose between leg stubble, or a nasty looking rash. It’s even worse in the pubic region, as the area is subjected to a large amount of friction. Luckily, the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator’s tweezers are able to grasp the finer stubble hairs, resulting in some smooth skin. By yanking the hair from its root, this product is able to guarantee at least 6 months of persistent silky texture.

Additional features

Antimicrobial Protection- when shaving or epilating, a person’s skin is especially vulnerable to outside attack. Nuisances like fungus or germs, can easily infiltrate your body, causing plenty of distress. Also, the blades or tweezers of your device can provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Upon contact, these pestilent little intruders are free to transfer over to you. The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator comes prepared for this occasion, featuring Antimicrobial Protection, deterring any bacteria that aims to damage your precious skin.

Hypoallergenic tweezers- most products often overlook the discomfort of those that are allergic to their components. The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator comes equipped with hypoallergenic tweezers, covered with a layer of 24 karat gold. Due to the gold’s stable and non-reactive nature, it is nearly impossible to experience any allergy-related ailment. The tweezers are finely calibrated, capable of grasping and removing the finest of hairs. There are plenty of customers that use it on their upper lip or chin, where pulling individual hairs is very difficult.

The Emjoi epilator also comes with massaging finger attachments, and dual speed controls.

Included Accessories

Upon purchasing the epilator, a customer will receive: a Massaging Finger Attachment, a Travel Pouch, a Cleaning Pouch, an Emjoi Soft Caress Rechareable Hair Remover, and an Instruction Booklet.Emjoi Soft Caress 2


The Emjoi Soft Caress offers a high amount of quality and dependability, at a reasonable price. Its design assures a steady and firm grip, ideal for people who have no experience with using epilators. The hairs are pulled from their roots, guaranteeing that they will take longer to grow back. It is also more efficient than shaving, and it can be used on sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms or even face. You can use it both as a corded and uncorded device, which is perfect for the times you are in a hurry and your epilator is not charged.


This battery powered model tends to be inefficient, given its energy consumption. Also, it’s a little slower than other similar products. The fact that it’s not waterproof its another drawback for the Emjoi epilator. Besides, it has no signaling feature to tell you when it’s fully charged. The rigid head makes it difficult to be used in curved areas.

Consumer Ratings

Currently on Amazon, the product has received a 4/5 star rating. This rating suggests that most customers are happy with their purchase. The model’s flaws are negligible, overshadowed by its quality and dependability. Upon reading the user comment section’s Emjoi epilator reviews, it’s easy to see why this epilator has a strong fan base.

Sprinkled among the overwhelming amount of positive reviews, are some negative ones as well. Most of the major complaints are featured in the Cons section of this review. All of these grievances are just a drop in the ocean, minor drawbacks plaguing what would otherwise be the ideal epilator.


The retailers like Amazon and Walmart are usually selling this product for prices over $60-$70. However, because the product gets a little old and newer models are taking over, you can find it in the discount category. At the moment, it’s price is usually dropped with $20 to $30.

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