Philips HP6401 Satinelle Review – Shut up and take my $$!!

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Review3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)

Body hair, we all have it. Leaving it to grow in excess is considered an unattractive feature for both men and women. Most people choose to get rid of it, but they differ in their approach. Shaving seems like a valid option, until you consider the implications. In areas such as your face, a razor will get the job done. Some discomfort may arise, but that is normal, given the nature of the activity. Waxing is also an effective method, but many people choose avoid it, given the large amount of pain that it causes.

Epilation provides customers with a safe middle ground, compromising between pain and efficiency. The hairs are pulled from their root, and as a result, it takes longer for them to grow back. An epilator is a wise investment, and it more than pays for itself in the run. You won’t have to buy any shaving cream or razors, and you will greatly reduce the time necessary for grooming. But the quality of such products can vary wildly. The customer should research everything about the manufacturer and the model, in order to make an informed decision.

Commercial sites are flooded with different brands, and it can be hard to establish which one is right for you. One must consider factors such as power consumption, speed, battery life, and a multitude of other details. The very definition of a smart purchase, it to maximize the amount of benefits that you receive, in exchange for your money.


Gentle and precise, despite claims of absolute coverage, most epilators have trouble removing all hairs. Fine or short ones are usually missed, necessitating the use of a razor, after you pluck the obvious hairs. This can be a hassle, assuming that you are trying to save time by epilating. Also, it increases the likelihood that you will get razor burn, or hairs growing inside your skin.

Reach and flexibility- your first time epilating will be a daunting experience. Those that do it on a regular basis will be accustomed to the pain. Most devices also tend to pinch the skin, causing addition discomfort and hesitance. The more innervated your skin is, the harder it will hurt you. Sensitive areas such as your ankles and knees, pubic region and underarms must be handled with care. By introducing a variable speed setting, the Philips epilator is better equipped to remove hair from your entire body.

User friendly and intuitive- Removing hair is not hard, if you have the Philips epilator. One simply has to turn it on, and then drag it against the direction that the hair usually grows. That will remove all of the unwanted growth, and guarantee smooth legs for a long time. It may depend on your genetics and hormone levels, but a usual epilation can last for weeks. After you finish, you just have to remove the device’s head, and wash it. In order to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience, please avoid using it on wet skin. On dry skin, the Philips Satinelle epilator glides easily along the surface, but water modifies the drag factor.

Additional features

The Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator comes in two colors, both gray and white. This model also features hypoallergenic disks. No more downtime- an interesting phenomenon occurs when epilating. With normal devices, the grip is not that good. This basically forces you to let the hairs grow, before you can attempt to pull them out. It becomes very uncomfortable, to walk around with tiny, abrasive hairs on your body. With Philips hair removal, that problem is swiftly eliminated. Its high-performance tweezers can grab even the tiniest of hairs down to a length of only 0.5 mm. Also, if for some reason your hairs are longer than 1.5 cm it is better to trim them first.

Included accessories

The epilator has no included accessories, making it less versatile. However, if you only care about results and not about how many accessories and bonuses the manufacturer is offering you, the fact that it lack accessories shouldn’t be such a big deal.Philips HP64011-2


This Philips device’s greatest asset is its accessibility. It is a great starter epilator, especially if your budget is somewhat limited. When compared to other models, it’s 2-3 times cheaper. Due to its small size, it can easily fit in any purse or bag. You can literally take it anywhere, making it very useful during trips where you have a limited luggage capacity.

It is a corded model, and it requires no recharging. The Philips epilator can be used whenever you wish. As previously mentioned, its variable speed setting helps it adapt to softer areas, and it is extremely user friendly. It should be mentioned that the manufacturer, Philips, is a world leader in innovative design, and this product is one of the proofs for that affirmation.


The fact that it is corded may eliminate the need for charging, but it also keeps you next to a socket while using it. This device makes a lot of noise, despite its diminutive size. It can break down easily because it has gears made of plastic, and the manufacturer does not include a brush for cleaning. Holding cases are also excluded from the package.

The product was designed around the idea of convenience and versatility, not high performance. This design decision is obvious, given the lack of features and accessories. It is a middle of the road approach that produces adequate results.

Consumer Ratings

On Amazon, the Philips epilator has a score of 3.8/5 stars. The user comments reflect a lukewarm response that acknowledges its capabilities, but also shuns its limitations. It seems to work great for customers that are not particularly hairy. If your hair grows thicker and longer than most, it is better to choose a larger model.

Many customers complain that the device does not yank out the hair from its root, it just cuts it, while others state the exact opposite. Pain is also an issue, as there are many complaints regarding this issue.


This is the Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator greatest selling point. Basically anyone can afford to buy it. Currently on Amazon it costs $39.99, and it includes free shipping.

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