What are the Best Body Hair Removal Systems? Your Ultimate Guides

What are the Best Body Hair Removal Systems?

No one can deny the importance of body hair removal. Having smooth skin makes women feel clean, beautiful, and self-confident. For that reason, they keep asking: How ​do I get rid of unwanted hair? How ​do I permanently remove hair?

Is the hair removal ​product they are using healthy? What are the best hair removal systems that outperform the rest? ​We’re going to discuss the various hair removal systems popular today:

  • ​Shaving
  • ​Waxing
  • ​Epilators
  • ​Depilatories (hair removal creams)
  • ​Laser
  • ​Intense pulsed light (IPL) devices

With all these options it’s no surprise that the average user gets utterly confused! Well I’m happy to say you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading​ to find out a bit m​ore about the most popular hair removal methods and just pick your favorite 🙂

Hair Removal Methods Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table to give you an overall idea of the main differences between hair removal methods!

​Hair Removal Method
Price Range
Epilators$25-$150​Medium4-6 ​weeks
Hair Removal Creams$15-$50​Fast5-6 days
IPL Hair Removal$200-$500​SlowPermanent

Shaving and Waxing


Shaving is a cheap, fast and easy method, and of course it’s painless unless you cut yourself. One advantage of shaving is that you can do it yourself with no need ​for any prior knowledge and no need to make an appointment or go to a hair removal clinic. ​​Unfortunately, there is a downside​: Shaving is only temporary! And when it does grow back, you’ll have to deal with stubble.

When it comes to waxing, you’ll have to spread the wax on the targeted area, then put a paper strip on it and press​. After waiting a little while, ​you’ll remove the strip quickly which will remove the wax ​along with the hair.

This method, though temporary, is more efficient than shaving. It’s a good method for those with sensitive skin. It’s also a very popular method, so you can find wax strip kits in most stores.

Waxing ​does have its drawbacks. ​It’s painful – so much ​that it can scare some people away from even trying it.​ Also, ​while it’s easy to use on some parts of the body (like the hands and the legs) it ​requires knowledge and experience ​in order to use it on other parts of the body​. This can be a deal-breaker for many women.


Braun Silk Epil epilator

Epilators remove hairs from the root just like ​waxing, so it takes ​a while for your unwanted hair to show up again. But there’s an important difference: Epilators can be much faster than waxing. So if you’re ​the busy type, an epilator might be a good choice.​Epilators are also less painful than waxing, and they can be used without any previous knowledge or experience.

When it comes to cost, ​an epilator does cost more upfront, but over ​the long run it can actually be cheaper than frequently buying wax strips.

Unlike shaving, which needs to be done in the bathroom, epilators can be used almost anywhere – even while you’re watching a movie! You don’t need any gels, creams, or even water. The process is clean and leaves your skin feeling smooth. That’s why some people consider epilators to be the best home hair removal system.

Hair removal creams

Wiping off hair removal cream

Hair removal creams contain chemicals like calcium. These chemicals can dissolve the keratin present in the hair and chemically dissolve the hair under the skin. This makes creams a painless and easy method of removing unwanted hair​. It’s inexpensive and easy to use without any risks or previous experience required.

So what’s the catch? Unfortunately, the results don’t last forever. ​The hair will grow back eventually – sooner than it would with an epilator.

Although it’s a temporary method, it gives you a smooth feeling for a long time ​before your hair ​reappears. This makes epilating and hair removal creams ​​two of the best types of home hair removal systems.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal device​Image: Alice Pien, MD CC-BY-SA-4.0

Laser hair removal is a long-term solution that helps you get rid of unwanted hair. You​’ll need to ​make multiple visits to a laser hair removal clinic, where they’ll ​shine a laser beam on your skin, varying the beam intensity as needed​. This process destroys the hair follicles below the surface of the skin, stopping hair growth.

You may be wondering, “Will this permanently remove the hair?” The answer is “Yes” – ​​mostly. While it does have permanent effects, it may not stop 100% of hair growth. A few hairs may come back, but it’s still much more permanent than waxing​.​

However, it’s expensive and may ​cause problems when used on sensitive skin.​ It’s also important to know that if you have darker skin or lighter hair, ​this method may not work in some cases. This is ​because the laser ​works by targeting the melanin in your hair in order to destroy the hair follicles.

Intense Pulsed Light ​Hair Removal

IPL hair removal in a salon​Image: Cos​medtec (CC BY-SA 3.0)

There is a common misconception that intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is the same as laser hair removal, but ​it isn’t – it’s totally different. I​PL hair removal uses pulses of light ​at specific wavelengths in order to damage the hair follicles.​With ​IPL, the pain ​varies from ​person to person and depends on the ​area you are removing hair from.

Like la​ser hair removal, IPL is mostly permanent – but not totally. ​You may need to do it several times ​before your hair stops showing up again. ​With home IPL devices, you may need to use them for several months before seeing the full results. You can check Wikipedia for more information about the ​intense ​pulsed​ light technique.

So these are the best hair removal methods available today. Many people would love to have a home permanent hair removal system that’s quick, painless, and cheap, but the reality is that each method has its pros and cons. Hopefully you can find the method that works great for you. Happy hair removal!

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