What Are The Best Body Hair Removal Systems? Your Ultimate Guides

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No one can deny the importance of body hair removal. Having smooth skin makes women feel clean, beautiful and self-confident. For that reason they keep asking: How to get rid of unwanted hair? How to permanently remove hair?

Is the hair removal machine they are using healthy? What are the best hair removal systems that can outperform the rest? Here, we are going to discuss the various hair removal systems popular today.

There are many hair removal systems that can answer the question: “how to remove unwanted hair?” But people get confused when they first start thinking about which is better: 

  • shaving
  • waxing
  • epilators
  • depilatories (hair removal creams)
  • laser
  • intense pulsed light devices

With all these options it's no surprise that the average user gets utterly confused! Well i'm happy to say you've come to the right place! Keep reading this page to find out a bit mroe all about the most popular hair removal methods and just pick your favorite 🙂

Hair Removal Methods Comparison Table

Here's a quick comparison table to give you an overall idea of the main differences between hair removal methods!

Epilation Method
Price Range



4-6 Weeks

Hair Removal Creams


5-6 days

IPL Hair Removal



Shaving and Waxing


Shaving is a cheap, fast and easy method and you can consider it painless unless you cut yourself. One more advantage of shaving is that you can do it yourself with no need of any prior knowledge and no time wasting, waiting in the clinic or making appointments. That’s the bright side, but unfortunately there is still a down side.

Shaving is a temporary fix and your hair will grow again, and not only grow again, but each time you shave it the quicker it will grow next time. That disadvantage can make a woman consider shaving as her worst enemy on earth- nobody likes stubble.

When it comes to waxing, you have to spread the wax on the targeted area then put a paper strip on it and press, after a small time remove the strip quickly which will remove the wax with the hair.

This method, though temporary, is more efficient than shaving. It’s a good method for those with sensitive skin. Also it’s widespread and you can find it easily in general stores.

Waxing still has its drawbacks. Waxing is painful and a woman can feel uncomfortable with it. Also, it can be easily used on some parts of the body like the hands and the legs, but it needs knowledge and experience when it comes to using it on other parts of the body, and that makes it an inflexible option.


epilator hair removal

Epilators removes hairs from the root just like the wax, so it takes time for your unwanted hair to show up again. But here comes the difference, if you are a quick decision maker you would really prefer epilators, as waxing takes much longer time than most epilators. Epilators also are less painful and can be used without previous knowledge or experience. Also when it comes to the cost, you will find paying the initial cost of the epilator and using it for years is much better than frequently buying the expensive wax.

You can use your epilator while watching a movie, on the other hand shaving must be at the bathroom sink or shower and using gels and water. Epilating is done clean and leaves your skin smooth. That’s why some people consider epilating to be the best home hair removal system.

Hair removal creams

hair removal cream

Hair removal creams contains chemicals like calcium. These chemicals can dissolve the keratin present in the hair and chemically dissolve the hair under the skin. This makes creams a painless and easy method that can help you get rid of your unwanted hair and leave your skin smooth. It’s considered inexpensive and easy to use without any risks or previous knowledge.

Although it’s a temporary method, it gives you a smooth feeling for a long time until your hair appears again, but epilating gives you longest time. This makes epilating and using hair removal creams on the top of home hair removal systems.

Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a long-term solution that helps you get rid of your unwanted hair. You will visit the doctor many times, and using the laser beam he will move over your skin. By doing that, and by varying the beam density, the hair follicles will be destroyed which results in stopping the growth of your hair. This is very easy and will cause no pain at all.

Here comes the question: “Is it the answer to how to remove hair permanently?” And the answer is yes- but not always yes. This is because when checking hair system reviews yow will find people complaining that new hair appeared after some time which they didn’t expect.

This may be the result of a doctor’s mistake, so if you are going to have such experiences choose a good doctor. Also it’s expensive and may have some problems when used on sensitive skin. The bad news is it is less effective on gray and blonde hair.

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal


There is a misconception that intense pulsed light hair removal is the same as laser hair removal, but that’s not right- it’s totally different. Intense pulsed light hair removal uses a specific combination of pulse and light wavelength in order to damage the hair follicle. Here, pain differs from one person to another and depends on the part you are removing hair from. It keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

And again, the same question: “Is it the answer to how to remove hair permanently?” And again we have the same answer- yes, but not always yes. For some people, you need to do it several times until your hair stops showing up again. You can check Wikipedia for more information about the Intense Pulsed Light technique.

These were the best hair removal methods. Some people ask about home permanent hair removal methods, but unfortunately there is nothing like that until now, we hope that one day it will be available to the masses. Until then, the above options are your best bet. Happy hair removal!