Woman showing shaved underarms

5 Best Ingrown Hair Products that Actually Work

​Ingrown hairs. For some people, these are an occasional ​inconvenience. For others,​ ingrown hairs seem to happen every time they shave or wax, and they can be incredibly frustrating. But there are some things you can do! We’re … Read more

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9 Best Permanent Hair Removal Products in 2019

You’re probably here with one big question in mind: Can hair removal be permanent? In this article I’m going to show you some of the best permanent hair removal creams, sprays, IPL devices, hair inhibitor serums, and more. … Read more

Best hair removal tips for men

The 8 Best Hair Removal Methods for Men in 2018

​In the past, hair removal was mostly a cosmetic procedure ​unique to women. However, in the last 10–15 years hair removal for men ​has become much more popular and socially acceptable ​than before. Many men these days are … Read more