Back Hair Removal For Men Made Easy! Everything a Man Should Know

For most people, body hair grooming has become an important part of their daily routines. Unwanted body hair can become a ​big source of discomfort, and there are plenty of professional and DIY methods of getting rid of those unwanted hairs.

Proper grooming techniques are always available, and it is up to personal preference as to which of these are implemented.

Back hair removal myths debunked

For many men, back hair is extremely difficult to remove, due to the fact that it is ​in an area that is both hard to see and hard to reach. In fact, some even shun back hair removal, because of the popular myth that it will grow back faster and thicker. This misconception is entirely false, and regardless of how often you shave, the rate at which your hairs grow is controlled by hormones, not razors or wax.

Think of hairs like plants​. They grow from small roots present in your skin called follicles. Just as multiple plants cannot arise from the same root, you cannot get multiple hairs from one follicle. From the day you are born, you will keep the same number of hairs, so you don’t need to worry that back shaving will make you even hairier.

However, they do seem thicker because of their shape. Uncut, long hairs have a rounded tip that makes them seem softer to the touch. When you cut it, the tip is straight, causing a scratchy, more abrasive feel. Now that we have established that back shaving is not harmful in any way, let’s look at how to remove back hair.

Buying a back shaver

A back shaver is nothing more than a standard shaving device, equipped with a longer handle that facilitates movement. These back shavers can have both electric and standard varieties, similar to what you would use on other areas of your body.

The most well-known back shaver is probably the ​BAKblade. carries the BAKblade 2.0 Plus and BAKblade 2.0 Elite (the Elite has 3 blades instead of 2, but otherwise they are very similar).

In order to achieve a successful, clean shave that minimizes the amount of future ingrown hairs, the following steps must be taken.

First, you must prepare your skin for the razor. In all instances, it is best to do it right after a shower, when the hairs are softer and your pores have opened. If your back shaver is electric and automatic, make sure that you dry off your skin before you begin. Water actually reduce​s the blade’s adherence with your skin. Also, damp hairs tend to be heavier and press against the surface.

In the case of a standard, non-electric back shaver, you need to apply shaving cream, assuring that its razor will not snag or cut you. If possible, try to position yourself with your back facing a large mirror, and hold a smaller mirror in your non-dominant hand. After getting into place, grab your shaver and go to work, while constantly checking your progress in the mirror.

Getting help from someone

Although it might ​be awkward to ask someone to assist you in shaving your back, this method is highly effective, because it reduces the risk of getting those bothersome ingrown hairs, or cutting yourself.

Before you attempt to remove back hair, you must first ask your partner to trim most of it. This can be accomplished with a simple pair of scissors and a comb. No complicated operations are required, just get the hairs to a shorter length. This maximizes the success rate of the operation, and provides better, more uniform results.

After ​trimming, be sure to rinse off ​any hairs that have adhered to your skin.

Exfoliation is the logical next step, so have your assistant apply some mild body scrub followed by warm water. This not only gets rid of extra hairs, but it also washes away layers of dead skin cells.

After this process is finished, a thin layer of shaving gel or cream must be applied, and the assistant must begin to shave, against the general growth direction of the hairs. Also, the razor must be cleaned ​frequently, because it can get clogged, reducing its overall efficiency.

After the shaving is complete, apply some moisturizer o​r body lotion to assure that your skin will be hydrated.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is one of the easiest and fastest methods for removing unwanted hair in general. Although a general procedure can be recommended, the specifics steps usually depend on the product.

It should be mentioned that most hair removal creams should be kept away from your eyes, mouth, or any other area of the body that is not directly targeted for hair removal. Also, depending on your skin and the product itself, you may feel some mild discomfort or burning sensations. If it persists or intensifies it must be swiftly removed.

Be careful not to rub the cream into your skin, simply spread it over the desired area. The product instructions will usually tell you how ​long to leave it on. After waiting, take a damp cloth and simply run it over the hairy area. If the cream did its job, they should come off easily. This method i​s relatively easy to implement, and it lasts ​longer than standard shaving. ​But depending on the product, it may be more expensive.

The best hair removal cream for men in our opinion is the Veet for men​. It has all the ​usual benefits of depilatory creams but has been specifically created for men and their skin, which is a whole other story compared to women’s. You can check out our review or get it directly from Amazon.


Parodied in countless media, the pain and discomfort felt when waxing has become a part of pop culture. However, there is a reason why waxing is so popular, despite the pain. Compared to most​ hair removal methods, its effects last longer, and the risk of ingrown hairs is drastically reduced.

VidaSleek Spa Wax is a good choice for both men and women. It is designed for thick or coarse hair. Unlike some types of wax, it can be warmed in the microwave, so you don’t need to buy a wax warmer.

This is one method that cannot be implemented alone. You lack the flexibility and reach that is required to wax your own back. As is the case with hair removal cream, the waxing kit will specify how it the product should be used. Follow those instructions to guarantee positive results. However, it should be mentioned that when pulling, try and pull in the direction opposite of hair growth, and parallel to the skin. Pulling straight up increase pain, and provides less satisfying results.

After you are finished, simply rinse off and apply some antibacterial cream to eliminate the risk of getting an infection.