7 Best Hard Waxes (and Kits) for Hair Removal in 2019

So you’ve looked at the differences between hard and soft wax and decided to go with hard wax. Good choice! Hard wax is great for the bikini zone, armpits, and even fine facial hairs.

But how do you choose which hard wax to use? There are tons of different brands, and the quality and price can vary widely. Below, we’ll look at the best waxes we’ve found so far.

First, just a little bit of background info. If you’re already an expert, you can skip to the waxes!

What to Look for in a Hard Wax

Basically, here’s what we’re looking for in a wax:

  • It shouldn’t crumble when it’s peeled off. Ideally, you want each application of wax to come off in one piece.
  • It needs to stick to coarse and fine hairs without sticking to skin too much.
  • It should have a smooth consistency when melted, without too much stringiness.

Because you won’t use a muslin strip with hard waxes, the wax itself has to do all the work. If it crumbles or is hard to work with, it will make the job much harder!

Why You Need a Wax Warmer

It’s very important to heat the wax properly so it can grab onto the hair just right. The temperature should generally be between 130 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit (54-71 degrees Celsius). Any higher than that, and you might get burned.

Many people heat up their wax in a microwave, but this generally isn’t a good idea. Since microwaves don’t heat evenly, your wax will be more difficult to use and won’t stay at the right temperature for long.

That means waxing will be even more painful than usual. And if you microwave it for too long, you could even start a fire. Is that really worth saving a few bucks?

The only safe ways to heat wax are with a wax warmer or a double boiler. A wax warmer is easier than the double-boiler method, and it will allow you to select the exact temperature you want.

Wax warmer with beads

Also, a wax warmer will maintain the right temperature for as long as you need. So you can take your time and wax the right way, without worrying about the wax cooling down.

We’ve included some wax warmer kits below. These include everything you need to start waxing (including the wax!), so they’re a great place to start. If you already have a warmer, you can use any of the wax beads below.

That said, on to the hard waxes!

1. Our Pick: Cirépil Blue Wax

Cirepil is one of the most well-known wax brands. It’s made in France by Perron Rigot.

It uses a patented polymer formula that claims to “shrink-wrap” the hairs. This allows it to hold onto the hairs without sticking to the skin, making it less painful. It also makes it ideal for any kind of hair, including everything from fine facial hairs to Brazilian waxing.

It’s also designed to work at lower temperatures. That means it’s more comfortable on your skin, and it takes less time to harden before you pull it off.

According to the product information, Cirepil is “for professional use only” (whatever that means). But many, many people use it for home waxing and get great results with it.

Cirepil comes in two styles: a refill bag and a tin. Both styles use the same wax formula.

The tin is designed to fit inside a wax warmer, so you can heat up the wax inside the tin (which makes cleanup easier). However, it won’t fit in all wax warmers. If your warmer isn’t big enough to fit a 14.11oz tin, you can simply pour the wax beads into your warmer instead.

The only real downside to Cirepil is its price. It’s one of the more expensive waxes, but many people swear by the results that they get. You’ll have to decide if the price is worth it for you.

Click here to view Cirépil Blue Wax on Amazon.com

2. Fémiro Hard Wax Beans (Lavender)

If you’re looking for a high-quality wax, Femiro Hard Wax is a good choice. Some people say that it rivals Cirepil, and it’s significantly cheaper. However, it’s still more expensive than most of the other waxes covered in this article.

Femiro melts quickly and evenly, and it’s very effective at removing hairs without sticking to the skin.

This version has a lavender scent, but Femiro also offers a wax with a violet scent. Both versions come in a 1lb (450g) bag.

Click here to view Fémiro Hard Wax Beans on Amazon.com

Get the Kit: Fémiro

The Femiro kit includes a wax warmer, 14oz (400g) of hard wax beans, and 20 applicator sticks.

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3. KoluaWax Bikini Babe Hard Wax

KoluaWax Bikini Babe is specifically designed for coarse hair. It’s ideal for the bikini line or Brazilian, and if you have thick or stubborn body hair in general, this would be a great wax to choose.

The beads are made of natural Brazilian carnauba wax, and they have a sea salt and surf scent.

The price is comparable to Femiro, so it’s cheaper than Cirepil but still more expensive than most waxes.

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Get the Kit: KoluaWax

The KoluaWax kit includes a wax warmer, three different kinds of hard wax (Bikini Babe, Best Loved, and Bare Faced), 20 applicators, and a how-to guide.

Unlike some warmers, this one doesn’t include temperature markings (just “med” and “max” labels). So you may have to experiment to find a temperature that works for you.

Click here to view the KoluaWax kit on Amazon.com

4. Cabee Hard Wax Beans (Couple Set)

Cabee Hard Wax is a great value. It comes in a set of two bags, for a total of 2lb (984g), and it works out to be less than half the cost of Cirepil. If you wax frequently, this could save you a lot of money.

Cabee works well on all types of hair, from fine to coarse. The company has recently updated the formula to lower the melting temperature, and the new formula also has a smoother consistency with less stringiness.

This set comes with two different types: lavender and honey. There are also other versions available, such as rose and chamomile.

Click here to view Cabee Hard Wax Beans on Amazon.com

5. Waxness Film Hard Wax (Azulene)

Waxness Film Hard Wax is a low-temperature wax made in Italy. It should be used at 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius), which is much lower than most waxes.

This wax will harden very quickly, which is great if you want to spend less time on your waxing routine.

Waxness Hard Wax is also available in a few other types. The white tea version is the same natural resin base as the Azulene, but with white tea leaf extract. The Italian Velvet polymer blend instead uses a hypoallergenic synthetic resin, which can be a good choice if you are allergic to natural waxes.

Like the Cabee Couple Set, this one is a great value. It comes in a 2.2lb (1000g) bag, and ounce-for-ounce it’s one of the cheapest waxes you can buy.

Click here to view Waxness Film Hard Wax on Amazon.com

6. Regalico Hard Wax Beads

Regalico Hard Wax Beads use a new, “upgraded” formula for 2019 that’s designed to be gentler on sensitive skin.

The most unusual thing about it is that it includes two different types of beads. The blue beads are best for coarse hair, and the red beads are best for peach fuzz.

Price-wise, it’s a good value, and it falls somewhere between Waxness and Femiro (it’s actually cheaper than Waxness but only has half as many beads).

Click here to view Regalico Hard Wax Beads on Amazon.com

Get the Kit: Regalico

The Regalico kit includes a wax warmer, 14oz (400g) of hard wax beans, and 20 applicators.

Click here to view the Regalico Waxing Kit on Amazon.com

7. Pine Beauty Pink Rose Wax Beans

Pine Beauty Wax Beans are not the most well-known hard wax, but they have the distinction of being the best value that we could find on Amazon. It’s cheaper than all of the other waxes in this article, and it also comes with 10 wooden spatulas.

One downside of this wax is that it has a higher melting temperature. Since the wax will be hotter, it may create some discomfort in some areas. If you want a cheap, low-temperature wax, we recommend getting the Waxness Film Hard Wax instead.

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