Best Old-Fashioned Shaving Kits for Men – Gift Guide

Shaving technology has come a long way in the last ​century.

Or has it?

Despite all of the ​advances in modern shav​e gels and multi-bladed razors, many men feel like something’s missing. ​​But shaving can be a ritual​ – not just another part of the morning routine.

​​Luckily, there are ​many new shaving products that try to recapture the ​magic of shaving. These range from old-school razors (like straight razors and single-blade safety razors) to vintage-style shaving soaps and oils.

These products can make great gifts! A modern can of shave gel might be too boring to give as a gift, but a​ box of old-fashioned ​grooming supplies is a whole different story. If you’re looking for ​a present for Father’s Day, birthday, graduation, or any special occasion, a shaving set can be a very memorable gift that he’ll actually use.

So without further ado, here are the best old-fashioned shaving kits that we’ve found!

Shaving ​Sets & Gift Boxes

Old fashioned straight razor, brush, and mug

​If you’re buying a gift for a gentleman, an old-fashioned shaving set will certainly make an impression. Some shaving sets ​include very nice-looking wooden gift boxes (sometimes styled like vintage cigar boxes).

But in addition to that, a complete set ​just makes everything easier. ​Traditional wet shaving ​is ​different from what many guys are used to, and ​they may not know where to ​begin.​ With a complete set, a lot of the guesswork is removed since they’ll have everything they need.

Naked Armor “The Solomon” Straight Razor Shaving Kit (our top pick!)

This kit comes ​in a handsome, wooden gift box that doubles as a storage ​case. It includes:

  • High-quality straight razor with Japanese stainless steel blade and algum wood handle
  • Leather travel ​pouch
  • Leather strop and sharpening paste
  • ​​Tin of handmade shaving soap
  • “Badger friendly” ​wood brush​ (made without badger hair, and ​a portion of the purchase is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network!)
  • Free PDF guide with instructions for using ​the kit
  • Lifetime warranty

​Although it doesn’t include a shaving bowl​, you don’t necessarily need it anyway – you can lather the soap inside the tin, or use any mug or small bowl that you have at home. Or you could buy a shaving mug or lather bowl​ if you prefer.

​Compared to some shaving kits, this ​one is a bit more on the luxury end. ​Every part is high quality, and it has a price to match. But if you want to give a really nice gift to a gentleman in your life (or to yourself!) this shaving set is a solid choice.

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Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Not every guy wants to use a straight razor, so you might want to consider buying a safety razor kit​ instead. It’s still a classic design – the kind of razor that was used in the 19th and early 20th centuries, ​in a time when disposable plastic razors were unheard of.

This kit includes:

  • Safety razor
  • ​Shave brush with wooden handle and black badger hair
  • ​Alum block (use it after shaving ​​to prevent razor burn)
  • Sandalwood shave soap
  • Stainless steel shave bowl
  • 5 razor blades

The box itself isn’t going to be as durable as the Naked Armor box, but it has a really ​nice, vintage look. There is also a deluxe version that includes a travel bag and shave stand.

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Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

​This is ​a handcrafted shaving kit from Maison Lambert. ​It’s certainly not the cheapest option, but it is a good choice if you​ are looking for a more luxurious set that really makes a strong impression.

The shaving set includes:

  • Double edge safety razor
  • ​High quality black badger shaving brush
  • Wooden shaving bowl
  • ​Shaving soap
  • ​​Organic beer soap (body soap)
  • ​Alcohol-free unscented aftershave oil
  • 10 Astra blades

​There are two versions you can buy: One comes in a vintage-style wooden cigar box, and the other has a PU leather toiletry bag.

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Shaving Soap

​If you’re not quite ready for a whole kit, ​you can still use an old-fashioned shaving soap. ​They work ​just as well with modern razors as they do with straight razors and old-school safety razors.

You will need a shaving brush to build up a lather. There are many brushes to choose from on Amazon, ​but the Perfecto brush​ is a​ popular option that gets great reviews.

Lather & Wood Shaving Soap

This is a tallow-based shaving soap that is crafted in small batches. It​ has shea butter to help with lathering​. It comes in ​either a sandalwood ​or bay rum scent.

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Sir Hare Shaving Soap

This shaving soap claims to be “barber approved”​ (although we’re not sure how stringent those standards are). At any rate, many people do like its old-fashioned barber shop scent, which includes bergamot, oakmoss, and cedarwood scents. It comes in an oversized tin to make it easier to lather without a separate bowl.

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​Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street has been ​around since 1854, so they know shaving. ​Although the box says “shaving cream”, it’s more like a shaving soap, so it works best with a brush. You can buy it in ​a sandalwood, coconut, or grapefruit scent.

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Pre-Shave Oils

​Using a pre-shave oil is totally optional, but it can help reduce irritation and prevent ingrown hairs. Like shaving soap, pre-shave oils can be used with either modern or classic razors.

​There are two ways to use an oil: By itself or with shaving cream/soap. If you use it with shaving cream or soap, just make sure to apply the oil first. You may want to experiment ​with both methods, but many people find that the oil works fine even without shaving cream.

Colonel Conk Pre-Shave Oil

This product is made from five essential oils, and it includes Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and menthol. The company takes its name from a real Colonel Ichabod Conk, who made a fortune selling barber supplies ​in the 19th century.

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Bohemian Brothers Reserve Pre-Shave Oil

This oil has a classic Bay Rum and Sandalwood Bourbon scent, ​and it comes in a pump dispenser to reduce spills.

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Lather & Wood Pre-Shave Oil

​Th​is product is a blend of seven natural oils, and you can buy ​it in either a sandalwood or unscented version. ​Like the Bohemian Brothers oil, it comes in a pump dispenser.

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​Whether you​’re ​interested in old-school shaving ​or are content with modern methods, be sure to check out our related article on shaving before or after showering. Happy shaving!


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