Best 5 Permanent Hair Removal Products: Do They Work?

You probably got to this page with one big question in mind: Can hair removal be permanent? How do I remove hair forever?

In this article i'm going to show you a few products that actually come very close to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

If your're curious (or in a hurry):


This specific hair removal cream is the most popular with our readers.

Permanent means a final, 100% long lasting fix to eradicate body hair. The following products come VERY close to getting that, although the treatment might take weeks to notice full results if used as advised.

One of the major advantage of these products as compared to the common methods of epilation is that it gives long lasting results by disabling the hair follicle thereby hindering the growth of hair in that particular area.

But let's get to the interesting part shall we? Here's a list of my top 5 products.

1. Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor

permanent home hair removal

This is a hair removal spray that is used with any hair removal method to reduce hair growth process. The product is sprayed and penetrates through the empty follicle after hair removal.

It works by the purified plants extracts removing the nutrient from the hair follicle thus, hindering hair growth. Stop Grow is safe to use in any part of the body as it contains natural moisturizers and preservatives.

This is one of the best permanent hair removal products, as the results are often seen after just a few applications.

The cream is also available in a "for men" version here.

Ingredients: Stop Grow is an odorless and clear tropical solution originating from Australia. It contains a blend of citrus extracts and purified plant with antibacterial agents.

UPDATE 2017: I've had a few people messaging me asking what's the price of Stop Grow in India. I've often found it to be priced around the 4,500 Rupee. Prices on Amazon always change though so your best option is to check their listing at any given time.

Many people have said that the effect of this product is similar to male pattern baldness in a way that it reduces the nutrient in the hair follicles in that area, thereby hindering hair growth. The results are long lasting over time due to follicular miniaturization.

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2. Forever Gone

forever gone hair removal kit

This product uses an easy and painless way to permanently remove hair from the skin. It is a permanent home hair removal kit that produces quality results at the comfort of your home.

The product originating from China is small compactible for travelling, and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Thus it is suitable for all skin types.

Each pack contains Forever Gone Sivan complete set, soothing serum, cleaning brush, AC adapter, 4 refill pads with a large buffer and heat transferring strips.

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3. Remington IPL6000

remington ipl

The Remington IPL6000 products are FDA cleared and clinically proven product that produce permanent hair removal results after just 3 treatments. It is fast, easy to use and also gentle on your skin.

This product has a long life quartz bulb that can produce up to 30,000 flashes. Weighing about 3.9 pounds, the product originates from China and has been proven to use the same technology as that of a professional dermatologist at more reduced cost.

The product also enables the treatment of delicate areas such as underarms and bikini in less than a minute with the I-Light Pro Plus Quartz. It has been found very comfortable and pain free by users from permanent hair removal reviews. According to the Remington IPL 6000, permanent hair reduction is measured at a six, nine and twelve month period after the completely use of the product as directed.

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4. Tria Hair Removal Laser

tria laser 4x

The Tria Laser 4x originates from Thailand weighing about 4 pounds. It is specifically built for people with light to medium skin tones.

A dark skin can absorb more light which may lead to injuries to the skin.

It is rated as one of the best permanent hair removal product in the market based on its type of technology.

It delivers 70% hair reduction within a 3 months period. It has also been FDA cleared and tested by dermatologist. Although it is expensive compared to other permanent hair removal products, it is still a lot cheaper than in-office treatment options.

Tria laser works by targeting the pigment in your hair and restricts the hair follicle ability to grow again. For safety precautions, it is important to use the built in sensor to determine if in-home laser hair removal is suitable for your skin to avoid side effects.

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5. Hair No More

hair no more

This is a product that uses a two-phase action. In the first phase, the cream melts the hair away by dissolving the protein in the hair while in the second phase, a liquid inhibitor is sprayed into the area to starve the hair follicle and prevent hair from growing.

This is widely known as the best-selling permanent hair removal product from Australia. The product is three times more effective than normal hair removal creams.

It is always important to do a patch test to determine if irritation occurs for your skin.

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