Top 5 Best Bikini Hair Removal Products for 2019

There are lots of different ways of epilating the bikini area. Of course you could use a razor, but who wants to deal with cuts, nicks, or razor bumps?

We’ve collected a roundup of some of the best hair removal products​ of 201​9, including ​electric shavers, ​creams, and wax kits. You can use these products to get rid of bikini hair, ​or any other body hair. So let’s get started!

1. ​Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver​

This is an all-in-one ladies’ personal groomer ​that is extremely popular on Amazon. There are a few reasons for this:

  • ​It’s waterproof: ​This is a cordless, wet or dry shaver​, so you can use it in the shower!
  • ​Pop-up trimmer: ​This makes it super easy to trim the bikini area with precision​​​.
  • ​Hypoallergenic blades: ​You can use it on sensitive skin without irritation​​​.
  • ​The price:​ ​​​This is one of the most affordable electric shavers out there.

​Although electric shavers usually don’t get quite as close as razors do, the Panasonic ES2207P has an extra-thin foil (the part that protects you from the blades) which lets it shave pretty close without cuts or nicks.

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​2. Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is probably the easiest way to remove pubic hair. Veet gel is a bikini hair removal cream which gives a woman touchably smooth skin in just minutes. Unlike shaving which can ​dry out your skin, Veet contains essential oils that can help restore your hydration levels in no time. ​

The results last twice as long as shaving. The formula is designed to work very close to your hair root leaving your skin smooth for an extended period of time when compared to normal shaving.

The formula is one of the best hair removal creams for the ​vaginal area because of its enriched ​Aloe ​Vera, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils. ​

The product is also easy to use. Simply apply a thick, even layer of the gel cream, totally coating the bikini area​, making sure not to rub it in. Wash your hands to remove all residues. Leave the gel cream on the skin for about three minutes, then check a small portion to see if the hair comes off. If it doesn’t, leave for a maximum of ​six minutes and then clean with a wet cloth then rinse your skin with warm water only.

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3. Nair ​Hair Remov​er – Nourish with Argan Oil

This is one of it the best hair removal ​products for bikini areas in terms of price and quality. It has a unique glide-on application (like deodorant), which is less messy than regular creams.

​Nair Nourish is designed for coarse hair, and you can use it on your bikini area, arms, and underarms.

​Nair makes a lot of other products that also work on pubic areas. We also recommend Nair Cocoa Butter and Nair Bikini Cream.

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4. ​​​Cirepil Blue Wax

​Cirépil Blue Wax is​ a ​very popular all-purpose hard wax (currently the most popular wax on Amazon), and it​ is ideal for Brazilian hair removal. It’s made in France by Perron Rigot, a pioneer in depilatory waxes​.​

​As a harder wax, it’s designed to only stick to hair and not skin​, making it less painful than some waxes. This also allows it to pull out more of the hair, which makes the results last longer.

Compared to most waxes, Cirepil seems to be extra good at sticking to hairs without sticking to the skin, ​so it’s less painful than other waxes. ​Applying a thin layer of baby oil to your skin before adding the wax can ​reduce the pain even further.

To use it, you’ll need to warm it in a wax warmer (microwaving it is not recommended). ​​If you don’t have ​a warmer, you can always get a cheap, no-frills Salon Sundry. Once it has melted to the consistency of honey, you can apply it and let it cool – then pull it ​away, along with the hair.

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5​. Regalico Wax Warmer Kit

​This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get started with waxing, as it ​has everything you need. It includes a wax heater, four bags of rose-flavored hard wax beans, and ​20 wooden applicator sticks.

The Regalico wax that comes with this warmer is very high quality, but if you have a favorite brand, don’t worry! Any brand of hard wax refills will work with this warmer.

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​About ​At-Home Bikini Waxing

​What is the difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax?

​The difference is that a Brazilian wax removes ALL of the hair in the pubic area, while a bikini wax ​removes hair from the bikini line while ​leaving some hair intact.

If you want something in between​ a ​Brazilian and bikini wax, you can leave a small strip of hair in front. This is sometimes called a partial Brazilian or French waxing.

Can you do a Brazilian wax at home?

​Yes, but ​it may be better to go to a salon instead. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Removing hair near the vulva is more painful than regular bikini waxing. A professional esthetician ​will know how to make it a little less painful.
  • You have to get the direction right. ​​With most waxes, you’ll apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. This is very hard to do if you can’t see what you’re doing (mirrors help though).
  • ​You might miss a spot​. Since it’s hard to see what you’re doing, there may be stray hairs when you’re done. If you’re going to the trouble of doing a full Brazilian wax, you probably want to get 100% of the hair – which a professional salon can do more easily.​​​

So if you’re waxing at home, you might want to stick with regular bikini waxing. It’s much easier than a full Brazilian, and most ladies ​find that it gets less painful ​over time.

What type of wax should you use in the bikini area?

​Hard wax is usually the best type to use in pubic areas. It’s better suited for smaller areas that need more precision.

Soft wax is better for larger areas like legs and arms. However, some women ​are able to use soft wax in the bikini area. If you go to a salon, they may use a combination of hard and soft waxes.

One problem with soft waxes is that they can’t be used twice on the same area. This is because they remove a layer of dead skin cells along with the hair. So for tricky areas where you’re more likely to miss a few hairs, hard wax is best.

How long does a bikini wax last?

​The results will last about 3 to 6 weeks. ​​If you wax frequently, your hair follicles will gradually weaken, and this will cause the results to last even longer (it also makes waxing less painful!).

You can also apply a hair inhibitor (like Gi​gi Slow Grow lotion) after waxing to help it last longer.