Braun Series 7 Silk epil 7681 Epilator Review: Still Worth It?

​UPDATE 2018:  A newer version, the Braun Silk-épil 9, made our list of the best epilator options​!

​Braun has never let its fans down, and it continues to introduce new products helping people tame the unsightly hair that can appear just about anywhere on the body. And we are here to talk about one of the best Braun epilators every released: the Braun 7681. The Braun series 7 came to create a new era of epilating that had never existed before and proved highly popular. Though the Braun Silk-épil brand was already well known, introducing the Silk-épil 7 series made a huge difference in the history of the brand as a whole.

  • Wet & Dry epilator
  • 40 Close-grip tweezers
  • Removes 4x shorter hairs than wax.
  • Smartlight
  • 5 attachments
  • Cordless
  • Speed settings


​The Braun Silk-épil epilator is fully waterproof, a feature which makes it perfect for shower use and also assists in lessening pain during dry use- as us women already know. But it’s also convenient for dry usage too, and doesn’t nip you; even if you feel pain when you are new to epilating, it only takes a short time and you will get used to it and will never complain again about your shaving regime. Being waterproof, it also can be easily cleaned by water, so you can forget struggling to clean the inner parts like you would have to do years ago; just make sure that you disconnect it from the power supply while cleaning.

Not only does it help you epilate under wet conditions to make it less painful for you, but the Braun epilator 7681 also has an amazing massage system. This massage system automatically stimulates the painful area and comforts the skin after plucking the hair out of the root. This amazing feature makes the silk-épil Braun appliance work more efficiently while causing less overall pain.

Now we come to the tweezers which have been built into each and every design for the most efficient hair removal. The Braun Silk-épil 7681 has 40 tweezers which enhance its performance and increases its ability to grab the very tiny hairs and remove them straight out of the root. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you will not be seeing the unwanted hair for at least four weeks and it all depends on your body- sometimes it will stay away longer, sometimes it grows back quickly.

There is also one more thing that makes the 40 tweezers function much more efficiently- the speed. The Braun 7681 is one of the fastest Braun epilators. If you are a new epilator user, or if you have a sensitive skin- don’t worry, they didn’t forget you. This Braun hair removal appliance comes with two speeds, and you can use the first speed to start with. But if you are an older user who needs to save more time, you can switch to the second one which will actually take no time at all and will make you satisfied with the clean and beautiful results every time.

​You’re probably also wondering if the waterproof Braun epilator 7 is cordless. ​The answer is yes, it’s cordless and you must detach the appliance from the supply when you are using it under wet conditions. But don’t worry if you forget to charge it and you are in a hurry, you still can use it corded- but only under dry conditions.

You can use your Braun 7681 for your legs, body and face, you can use it for the whole body and you don’t have to fear any negative results or itchy rashes. The bad news is that it’s a bit noisy and it would have been perfect if it wasn’t that loud, but it’s still not the noisiest thing in the world, it’s just like the other epilators. You have to remember the blades are rotating hundreds of times per minute to get that close shave.

Additional Features

In addition to all the wonderful features mentioned above, there is still much more this Braun epilator has to offer. The epilator’s head is movable and you can adjust it up to 15 degrees from front to back. This helps you to include more hair from the contours of your body and can pluck the unwanted hair from those areas that need more attention.

Another powerful feature is the SoftLift Ends. If you have thin skin and lying hair, Braun 7681 has the real solution for your problem. This feature helps the epilator lift the lying hair and lead it directly to the tweezers where it will be removed.

Finally, we can’t leave without talking about the Smartlight feature. This feature, though very simple, is very effective. It will help you see better in misty shower rooms, which will allow you to use the epilator better. Now, you don’t have to search for the brightest place in your home or bathroom, you can use the Braun 7681 anywhere and you will see what you’re doing better than any other time before.

Included Accessories

Though Braun doesn’t usually include a lot of accessories in their products- this epilator set in particular is an exception. The Braun 7681 comes with sensitive area cap, trimmer cap, facial cap, and efficiency cap plus a shaver head. These accessories are great and will help you a lot under different circumstances.


Braun 7681 is a wet and dry epilator, used for all the body, adjustable for 2 speeds, fast, efficient, easy to clean, works as a shaver and a trimmer too and it comforts the skin. All these features make it a perfect epilator.


Though a perfect epilator, we can’t deny that it’s loud and noisy. It’s also expensive and some people can’t afford it, but on the other side it gives you a lot of features that makes it up to that price. Though it comforts the skin, it’s still not completely painless.

What People are Saying

​Braun Silk-épil 7 reviews show that most ​people like​ that they can use the epilator under water, saying that it dramatically reduces the pain when in the bath. Consumers differ in their Braun epilator reviews about the massage system, some ​claim it works great but others complain saying that they don’t feel that it’s working efficiently. Those seeking fast epilating are comfortable with the speed and efficiency of the epilator.

The consumers who aren’t used to epilating pain still complain about the pain they feel, some of them admit that after some time they get used to it and found the epilator great- but some don’t continue and give up at the beginning.

Many of the customers who have purchased this product are thankful for the Smartlight feature, saying that they find it now easier and that they aren’t finding lighting problems while epilating anymore.

A handful of consumers from reviewing websites have complained about the price, saying that they can’t afford that much and others say that they expected more from an epilator with such a price.

Now you know all about it, it’s your choice to decide if this particular model will support your daily and weekly regime the best.


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