Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Review: Ultimate Buying Guide

For decades women have been praying for a solution to everyday shaving. The newest Epilator on the market is the full-sized re-chargeable Epilady Legend 4. From its ability to remove very short and fine hair, to the long lasting results, this product has become a must have for any woman’s arsenal.

This 4th generation has combined suggestions from past generations into an all new and improved version. The Epilady Legend 4 offers improved gear and electrical systems, and a wider head for more tweezes per rotation.

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What’s interesting about the Epilady?

With its numerous features, including the ability to use it while corded/plugged-in or its grab-and-go cordless ability, it brings in a new era of easy, inexpensive hair removal. The 110V-240V power adapter is conducive to the Epilady Legend 4’s portability, allowing for easy portability, whether in everyday life, or during travel. It also allows this epilator to run over 60 minutes on a full charge, enough for multiple uses!

The epilator’s full power ability with two speed choices even while cordless is impressive. The product offers 32,000 tweezes per minute on its fast speed. On both fast and slower speed this epilator removes hair without breaking it, allowing for optimal time between usages. The two different speeds the Epilady Legend 4 offers are for good reason. The higher speed is effective for areas with coarser hair, which can withstand higher speeds without breakage. The lower speed is optimal for finer hair that is more prone to breakage.

What adds to Legend 4’s impressiveness is its low noise during use. This versatility and portability, makes shaving an inconspicuous event. Including the minimal pain experienced during use, through its Anti-Pinch technology. To aid in limiting discomfort the head of the Legend 4 produces a massaging motion during hair removal. Shave at the gym, at the office, or even in the car for a last minute date. Use it wet, even in the shower, or dry, and ANYWHERE on the body!

The versatility of this epilator is amazing, in that it can be used all over the body, including the face and bikini area. Use the faster speeds for thicker coarse hair and the lower speeds for hair that in finer, such as the face. That’s right! The EP-810-33A even has effective use on the face! For hair that is really fine and peach-fuzz like, however, sometimes there are other options for optimal results.

You have the option of purchasing the Epilady Coil Tweezers to compliment your Legend 4. These are the perfect finishing accessory for your epilator, as they remove multiple hairs from hard to reach, or specialty areas. These tweezers remove hair from the root, with its special patented coil technology.

What’s the warranty?

​A one year manufacturer’s warranty is offered through the makers of the Epilady Legend 4.

Are there any accessories included?

Included with the epilator is: the charging adapter; the Perfect Angle Guide to optimize the use of your Epilady; a perfect-for-travel storage pouch; custom cleaning brush; and of course the Instruction manual.


There are so many positive reasons to pick up this product. One of the best reasons is the long term effectiveness of the hair removal. This new generation Epilady removes hair for up to 4-6 weeks! It is quiet on either speed it is being used on, and is inconspicuous and so easily portable.

The cost of the Epilady Legend 4 so inexpensive compared to waxing! The Epilady Legend 4 price is covered after just a few sessions of waxing skipped, or even one session of arms and legs! And your new gadget will last for years to come! That can be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in savings!


Some individuals may experience slightly more discomfort during use, as this is a very personal and individualized element of an epilators usage. Users who used the Epilady Legend 4 and experienced pain reported that the pain decreases after multiple use. They also enjoy the benefit of owning the device and being able to do painful areas a little at a time. With the lasting results, they report the discomfort as worth the effort.

What are other customers saying?

This epilator gets ​​excellent reviews. Many customers are surprised with just how easy and effective it is, even on very short hair! Woman report that using this product was less painful then waxing, more effective and longer lasting. They love that the Legend 4 has the power and ability to treat all areas of the body. Most are surprised at the ability to use this device on facial hair.

Reviewers report less pain and best results when using their EP-810-33A after a shower or bath, when the pores are opened for easy hair tweezing. Many who compare their experience against waxing, report that the first few sessions require adjustment to the feeling but the upkeep is much easier, longer lasting and less expensive.

The smaller size, hand conformation and portability of the Legend 4 has been a large reviewer praise, even from men. Many are surprised at the power of this generation of Epilady due to its smaller size.

The few complaints reported included pain, but less painful then waxing, and battery charging issues after months of no use. The manufacturer’s websites gives a solution to the battery and charging complaints, reporting that even if not used, make sure to keep a small charge on the battery so it doesn’t have difficulty charging in the long term.

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