The 8 Best Hair Removal Methods for Men in 2018

​In the past, hair removal was mostly a cosmetic procedure ​unique to women. However, in the last 10–15 years hair removal for men ​has become much more popular and socially acceptable ​than before.

Many men these days are choosing to ​go with smooth skin, ​partly because it is perceived​ as a sign of sophistication and cleanliness. But these are not the only reasons​. Lifestyle, comfort and hygiene are just a few of the other ​reasons that ​influence men’s hair removal choices.

If you are looking for the best methods of body hair removal ​to achieve a ​better look and be more attractive as a modern man, you should consider one of the ​following methods of trimming or removing unwanted hair.

Ultimately, you should choose a manscaping method based on your specific needs​, not on which method is the most popular. So the next paragraphs are listed in no particular order. Choose the one that fits your needs the best.

1. Trimming

If you don’t like having big patches of hair on your body, but ​don’t want to go completely smooth, you can just trim your body hair. This method has no side effects, and it only requires a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer.

​This is a very short-term solution and has to be repeated frequently. However, there is a complementary treatment that can make the ​results last longer: ​hair inhibitors (which we’ll talk about ​again in #6).

2. Shaving

This is by far the most popular form of hair removal among men all over the world. It’s a common practice in every culture, ​especially for facial hair, but it’s also used as a male pubic hair removal solution, since not every man is ready to use waxing or tweezing for that area.

It’s a ​quick and cheap solution, but its immediate effects are not long-lasting​. Depending on your hair growth rate, you might need to shave every couple of days or every day. It can also cause razor bumps, especially if your hair is curly.

3. Tweezing

Tweezing is the best body hair removal method for men when it comes to results and safety, because it removes the hairs ​at the roots with no need ​for chemicals or​ devices that ​may irritate the skin. However, it’s time-consuming and painful.

​As with ​many hair removal techniques, tweezing is ​most commonly used by women, but if you think you can handle the pain, go ahead and pluck out your unwanted hairs. The results will be worth​while.

4. Waxing

​Waxing is another hair removal method that’s mostly used by women.​ This is another painful method that ​a ​many men ​tend to avoid, especially for ​genital ​areas.

The process ​is as painful as it sounds. It starts with applying hot wax over the skin​​. After the wax cools off, it’s ​ripped off ​in one ​quick motion. Depending on the ​area of the body, this method can be painful to excruciating.

5. Sugaring

Sugaring is just another type of waxing. It works on the same principle, ​except that it requires a sugar-based solution over which a band of cloth is applied. After the sugary wax has cooled and hardened, the band of cloth is pulled off, together with the wax and the hair. ​

Although sugaring is ​easier on your skin, it’s just as painful as classic waxing.

6. Hair inhibitors

​Hair inhibitors are ​specialized creams and ​sprays that can inhibit the production of enzymes responsible ​for hair growth. This method does not actually remove hair, but makes the results of ​other hair-removal methods last longer.

It’s the only way of prolonging the results of trimming, but ​it’s a good idea to consult a specialist before starting a treatment based on hair growth inhibitors.

7. Laser sessions

Laser technology is ​extremely popular these days​. In addition to eye surgery and dental procedures, lasers can also be used as one of the ​best body hair removal methods for men and women. It’s painless, offers long-term results and has no side effects if done properly.

Although it can be done ​by a hair removal specialist, there are also home kits you can buy, such as the Tria Laser 4x.

However, laser ​hair removal does have some downsides. It’s one of the most expensive options, and ​it may not work with all skin ​tones or hair colors – if you have darker skin or lighter hair (blonde, gray, or red), laser treatments may be more difficult or even unsafe.

8. ​​Permanent hair removal with electrolysis

This is it​: the most permanent hair removal method out there. Electrolysis works by delivering ​electric currents directly to each hair follicle via ​tiny needles that are inserted into the skin.

There are a few different electrolysis methods, but the result is the same. The hair​ follicles will be permanently destroyed, and the​ hair won’t come back.

Unlike laser treatments, electrolysis is safe and effective with any type of skin or hair.

Of course, there are some downsides. Electrolysis requires many treatments, sometimes lasting for several years​. It can also be a bit painful, although modern treatments are much less painful than ​they used to be.

It almost goes without saying​, but since electrolysis is permanent, it is much less revers​ible than other methods. However, most people don’t mind this. After all, we usually don’t remove hair from an area where we would want it to grow back.

These are the most popular male hair removal methods, techniques, and products. You can use them to remove the hair from any ​area of your body that you want​.