Mē Smooth Hair Removal Review: What To Know Before You Buy

me smooth hair removal review

Epilation is a huge part of every woman’s personal hygiene and beauty, but not everyone has discovered the alternative to the classic epilators. If you are one of the girls who still uses razors or shaving creams, you should read this review.

If you are one of the girls who pays a ton of money on laser hair removal treatments in beauty salons, you should read this review.

Why? Because we will talk about the Tanda Me Smooth hair removal system, which is the best device for beginners. Starting tomorrow, the epilation process won’t be annoying anymore. You will be able to do it in no time and anywhere you are.

Read more about the Me hair removal and how it can become your first solution for at-home and “on the go” hair removal.

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What's Interesting About it?

What makes this epilator different from what you’ve seen this far, is the no-tweezers technology. Before we go any further, you must understand that this device won’t trim your hair. It uses the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology to inhibited the hair’s roots and stop it from growing.

It’s small and portable, fitting in the palm of your hand. More than that, it’s extremely easy to use and it comes with detailed instructions. The Tanda Me Smooth epilator is one of the most efficient IPL devices, offering noticeable results after only a couple of weeks.

The fact that it will offer you an easy, clean and fast epilation with no tweezers involved it’s awesome. Say good-bye to stings, rashes or nicks with the Elos laser hair removal. But, the Me Elos is not perfect after all. With every flash of light on the Low and Medium settings, you will feel a small static shock, like the one you feel sometimes between you and someone you touch.

Tanda Me Smooth accessories

On the High setting, the shocks are a little more powerful. You will feel something less powerful than an elastic band snap. Areas like the underarms and pubic region are more sensitive, but the pain is totally bearable. Basically, this device is suitable for any surface of the skin, including your face.

The Tanda Me Smooth is also a problem solver. It’s one of the few devices that will successfully work on any skin tone and hair color. Most of the IPL epilators out there will not work on dark skin or blonde hair, but the Elos hair removal is surely going to work for everyone.

Additional features

The main features of this hair removal device are making it one of the best choices. Another special feature of this device is a separate head with tweezers. This can be easily attached and used for trimming and epilation. However, it’s not recommended, since it’s not as performant and not fitted for the purpose of an IPL epilator.

Does it Come With Accessories?

Tanda Me Smooth comes with additional accessories, which will improve your epilation experience. The design of this device was specially created to be easily handled. You will also get a protective cap, so that you can keep your epilator device safe. However, it misses two accessories that would have made it the perfect choice.

I am talking about a travel kit and a second Elos cartridge. The cartridge it comes equipped with will eventually fade and you will need a new one.


What I like about this device is the amazing innovation in the IPL technology it brings. We really needed a laser epilator efficient on darker skin tones and light colored hair. The Elos hair removal also has fast results, offering a smooth skin in very little time.

If health or side effects are what you worry about, don’t! The device was reviewed and approved by FDA, so it’s safe for anyone, regardless of skin type, allergies or health issues.


Even if the Me Elos device works on darker skin and lighter hair, it has some issues with dark hair. Women with very dark body hair might not get the same results. In the same time, this problem makes it not suitable for dark haired men.

The lamps of the Tanda Me Smooth IPL epilator are not as long lasting as in the ones of other devices. Also, if you stumble upon any issue with this epilator, you will have a hard time getting along with their customer support team.

Me Smooth skin types

What Are Other Customers Saying?

When you are about to make an online or offline purchase, it’s always good to check what other customers have to say about the product. The me hair removal reviews of the customers who bought this device are usually positive. The ones dismissing the Tanda Me Smooth are usually people who didn’t used it correctly or long enough.

If you want to read Tanda Me’s accurate me hair removal reviews from regular clients, you should look for the ones posted a month or two after the purchase.

What's The Best Price?

The price of the Tanda Me Smooth is higher than the one of regular epilators. But the money are a wise investment. Besides the fact that you will save money on creams, razors or salon visits, you will also use the IPL epilator less than a regular one, since the hair will hardly grow back if you use it on a regular basis.

Sites like Amazon or Target are now commercializing this product for somewhere between $260 and $280. However, if you wait for discount periods, you can get it for less than $250.

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