Mē Smooth Hair Removal Review: What To Know Before You Buy

Hair removal is a big part of most women’s personal hygiene routine, but many women struggle to find a solution that works for them.

Basically, every method has a downside.

The main downside with IPL devices is that they typically only work well with lighter skin and darker hair. So if you have darker skin and/or lighter hair, this may be a deal-breaker.

But in this review we’re going to talk about something different: the Tanda Me Smooth hair removal system with Elos technology.

The Me Smooth is basically an IPL device with one important difference: It actually works with any skin tone. Keep reading to learn more!

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What’s Interesting About it?

The Me Smooth uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to inhibit the hair’s roots and stop it from growing. But unlike other IPLs, it combines it with Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

Full disclosure: We’re not entirely sure how the Radio Frequencies help to remove hairs. But they help to reduce the pain, and allow the Me Smooth to work on darker skin tones as well as blonde hair.

The Me Smooth is small and portable, fitting in the palm of your hand (the handset is not cordless – it connects to the larger base unit with a cord).

It’s one of the most efficient IPL devices, offering noticeable results after only a couple of weeks.

But it isn’t perfect. With every flash of light on the Low and Medium settings, you will feel a small static shock.

On the High setting, the shocks are a little more powerful. You will feel something less powerful than a rubber band snap. Areas like the underarms and pubic region are more sensitive, but the pain is totally bearable. Basically, this device is suitable for any surface of the skin, including your face.

Can Men Use the Me Smooth?

Yes, men can use it to remove body hair. However, they should not use the Me Smooth on the face. Since men’s facial hair is much thicker, IPL devices are generally not recommended for this.


What I like about this device is the amazing innovation in IPL technology that it brings. We really needed an IPL device that works on darker skin tones and lighter hair. It also gives fast results, offering smooth skin in very little time.

The device was reviewed and approved by the FDA, so it’s safe for anyone, regardless of skin type, allergies, or health issues. But since this is a powerful device, you should read the instructions carefully before using it.


Although the Me Smooth device works on darker skin and lighter hair, it has some issues with dark hair. Women and men with very dark body hair might not get the same results.

The cartridges are not as long-lasting as the ones in other IPL devices. Newer devices, like the Veezy Ultra Light can have 350,000 flashes per cartridge, which may save you money over the long term.

​How ​Much is it, and ​Where ​Can I ​Buy it?

The Me Smooth is definitely not the cheapest IPL device. There are many other options, but most of these will work best with lighter skin and darker hair. Depending on your skin tone, the Me Smooth may be worth the extra money.

​At the time of this writing, the Me Smooth is available at many different retailers, such as Target and Amazon.

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