Nads Hair Removal Gel Review – Natural Waxing Made Easy!

nads hair removal gel

Nad’s natural hair removal gel is a 100% natural, no heat and sensitive wax formula. Originating from Australia, it’s a hair removal product that melts with your natural body heat. The unique gel formula is perfect for sensitive skin and also water rinsable hence, no need to worry about mistakes.

The product can be used by both gender and in delicate areas such as underarms, bikini including men’s back shoulders and chest area.

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These is a pretty awesome wax gel!

According to majority of customers, the wax strips have been the best that they have used since the history of waxing. The wax strips are designed in a way that it greatly reduces the pain in waxing procedures. It is also very water soluble, hence easily washable for reuse.

Also, one other major feature of this product is that the gel washes off easily with just water and leaves the skin hydrated with no cuts, nicks or bumps after use. Unlike other hair removal products, it does not leave a chemical odor both before and after use on your skin.

A few Pros of the Nads hair removal gel

nads hair removal gel review

Compared to other hair removal products, Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel has the following advantages.

  1. No heat: Unlike other hair removal gel products, it smooths over your skin using the body’s natural heat while applying to the required area.
  2. Water rinsable: The product is 100% water rinsable, so there in no fear of making mistakes when applying to the hair growth area.
  3. Long lasting results: Its hair removal results have proven to last up till eight weeks as it works close to the root hair leaving your skin smooth for an extended period of time as compared to normal shaving.
  4. Cost: When compared to the quality results produced, the product is cheap and very affordable in the stores.
  5. Washable cotton strips: Nad’s hair removal gel comes with 100% premium washable cotton strips enabling you to reuse it over and over again with the same quality of result to achieve.
  6. Natural Extracts: The product contains fruit extracts rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, delicate for all skin types and helps hydrate your skin and prevent irritation. If you're interested in another great and all natural product for hair removal don't miss my review of the revival hair removal cream here 🙂
  7. Cleansing Wipes: It comes with dermatologically tested cleansing wipes impregnated with aqueous solution for gentle use on the skin.
  8. Hypoallergenic: Unlike many hair removal products in the market today that causes skin irritation, Nad’s hair removal gel is suitable for all skin types. It contains natural fruit extract that moisturizes while removing the hair on your skin.

What might hold you back?

  1. Fear of Waxing: Most people still feel that waxing causes great pain, so they will opt for the hair removal cream or roll on options in stores.
  2. Waxing Strips: The product contains little waxing strips which customers complain they would have to buy over one pack to get their desired length.
  3. Sticky Gel: Unlike other waxing products, the gel in Nad’s hair removal easily sticks to the skin making coating difficult for users. This also in turn restricts uniform application of the gel in areas where hair needs to be removed thereby creating repetitive process.
  4. More Purchase: For most customers, they will have to buy more packs of the products just to combine wax strips. This cumulative purchase then makes it expensive.

What are other people saying about it?

hair removal gel designed for sensitive areas

A customer on Amazon recommended this product as top class when it comes to hair removal. She said after trying everything available apart from laser surgery and purchasing the finest epilator money could buy, she decided to try Nad’s hair removal product - “the first time I tried epilating with Nad’s hair removal gel, I was taking deep breaths and trying to watch a movie to distract myself from the agony but achieved fantastic results at the end. Depilatory creams always smell like death to me no matter how hard they try to cover up the chemicals with perfume.”

Most customers like this product because of the way it works its magic and leaves the skin hydrated afterwards. Although some have complained about the painful procedure at first, it tends to ease off with subsequent use. Many customers have also realized that it is important to have a shower and only dry up before using the product (no lotion) as this will ease the pain and increase the efficiency of the result.

Majority of women also confirmed that they would prefer to use this product than going to the salon.

On the contrast, a lot of customers complain about the wax strips in the pack as too thin and insufficient for waxing. They said they would have to buy more over time for it to fit the desired length. Others complained that the gel is too sticky and gets on fingers easily. The sticky nature does not allow them to uniformly place the gel on areas to be waxed. Although its water soluble, customers end up with a lot of gel soiled towel after completely using the product at a sitting.

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