Nair Cocoa Butter Lotion Review – A “Must have” hair remover!

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Nair hair removal cream is available in a 9 oz bottle of cocoa butter lotion, which is known for its moisturizing properties. Just right after getting rid of unwanted hair as Nair products help to replenish moisture giving wearers that smooth feeling so that they can step out with confidence.

The Nair hair remover is a painless way to be free of hair and stubble without shaving. It is easy to learn how to use Nair hair removal. Hair is removed by the use of chemical technology, which turns each hair into a substance that can be wiped away reducing the chance of irritation.

Because it attacks the hair from further down than conventional methods, results can last for weeks.

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A little overview: what are the main features?

Nair hair removal cream was created as an alternative to shaving, allowing users to apply, remove rinse and go rather than using razors, waxing techniques or other methods that can dry out their skin. The reviews talk of how the product has improved over the years.

The improvements are mainly focused on the way in which Nair hair removal cream works and its effectiveness as well as the smell. Some of the customers talk about the smell because chemicals are used to make these kind of creams you can never get rid of the whole smell, but in comparison to the original Nair hair remover the smell is pretty much non- existent opening its use to others.

As all types of hair removal can remove some oils from the skin, it is important to ensure the oils are replenished after Nair hair removal lotion is used. The creators of the product have added cocoa butter for this very reason in addition to vitamin E, known well for its healing properties.

My personal experience and what's good about it

The two main reasons people switch from their usual method of removing hair to hair removal lotion is that it is a way to avoid friction sensitivity and the fact that is painless. You can’t nick yourself with a cream! It’s not only women that are shouting from the rooftops in the Nair hair removal reviews, men that tend to have thicker, coarser hair than men are using and loving it too!

My experience with the Nair Cocoa Butter Lotion is surprisingly awesome. Let’s just say that I am a pretty hairy gal and that I don’t like it at all. However, because of my work and because of the fact that I’m not very flexible, getting rid of all those unwanted hair is not an easy job.

First of all, I like riding the bike and I also work in an environment where I speak a lot. All this things are coming together as a big No for using a razor in my upper legs or in the intimate areas. That’s because the freshly shaved hairs can easily get ingrown and infect, which is not really pleasant. However, the Nair Cocoa Butter is relieving me from this stress, and it’s much faster and cleaner than using a razor.

And don’t think I haven’t thought about alternatives to shaving up until this point. The thing is, using a razor for getting rid of all my hair was the best option so far. First of all, even if it has some side effects, razor shaving is much more pleasant than waxing.

I’ve also tried other lotions and creams before, which have similar results, but at some costs I wasn’t ready to take. Let’s just say that all those chemicals in other creams I’ve used gave me unbearable itching a week or so, after using them. But that’s not the case with Nair Cocoa Butter Lotion.

I gave the cream to my husband to try and the first time he used it, it literally clogged my drain. But was he mad? Not even a little. I was surprised of how efficient this lotion is on a man’s body as well as on mine and I happily unclogged the shower’s drain xD So, I surely recommend this lotion to any woman or man who founds her or himself in the same situation, although i specifically just reviewed the Veet for men and i think that one is especially good for the opposite sec 😉

applying nair lotion

The price is fair considering the great results it guarantees. As it comes in a tube form it can be used for more than one member of the household, unlike other products such as razors and reusable wax strips.

The majority of reviews online are positive, showing that the product has stood the test of time. Over the years it has also been improved by the manufacturers actually listening to what it is the customers want.

What are the downsides?

The only downsides from any of the Nair hair remover reviews were the smell still being unpleasant, although less so than previous hair removal solutions and from people who accidentally left the cream on for longer than specified. Not removing it can result in irritation to the skin, the longer it is left on the more chance there is of this occurring.

As the Nair hair remover lotion is a chemical solution it may not be suitable for everyone. It can’t be used on broken skin so that means people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema will have to find an alternative way to rid their body of unwanted hair.

What are other customers saying?

As with most products i review there is always some variation in the amount of stars that people award the product on Amazon, however the average is around 4 and a half. Years after being created and sold to the public, Nair is still going strong, is popular with both women and men and with more and more products being added to the range there is a shaver free way for everyone who wants to be hair free!

The fact the product has been around for a while now and is still going strong, receiving the same ratings and feedback as to how it has been improved by the manufacturer is a good indicator that it is still going to be around for many years to come.

How to use Nair hair removal?

Like with most depilatory creams, it's pretty simple, apply, wait a few minutes and wipe off. Don't be discouraged by people telling you creams aren't safe...blah blah blah, as i mentioned multiple times in other articles, it's juts a matter of testing it first, make sure you are not allergic to it looking at the ingredietns, and maybe ask the doctor to take a look too... nothing difficult here 🙂

Here is a quick list of the main ingredietns:

Water, Mineral Oil, Potassium Thioglycolate, Calcium Hydroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Ceteareth 20, Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Leaf Juice, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Hydrated Silica, Fragrance, Chromium Hydroxide Green (CI 77289).

How much is it?

The product can usually be bought in a pack of three here for $21.35. Customers are also able to set up a recurring order so that they never again run out of it. Prices on amazon change quite often so make sure you check there.

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