10 Super Easy Natural Hair Removal tips! [Update 2017]

natural hair removal

Our bodies are pretty efficient, self-contained systems. When a foreign element is introduced, there is always a risk of rejection, incompatibility and allergies. Using special creams to remove hair is great for some, while others undergo chemical burns or irritation. The reason that some people choose chemicals and not physical methods such as waxing, is that it is less painful. Certain areas are inherently more sensitive than others, and the goal is to find a natural hair removal solution that offers the pain free experience of creams, without causing swelling, burns of irritation.

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So why should you go through all of the trouble of finding a natural remedy that gets rid of body hair? Well, despite common knowledge, body hair is not there to keep you warm. It is there to amplify the body’s natural musky odor, a useful trait in the past, and an unwanted vestige in the present.

Unblemished, clean, hairless skin is a must-have, and you do not have to subject yourself to uncomfortable situations in order to achieve it. So let’s take a look at some of the best natural ways of getting rid of unwanted body hair:

1. Papaya juice: Does Papaya Really Remove Hair?

Papaya juice

When someone suggests hair removal, most people wouldn’t consider papaya juice as a viable option, In fact, it contains Papain, a powerful enzyme that targets the hair follicle and breaks it down. This not only helps remove hair, but it also lessens the rate at which new hair appear.

The best part is that it can be used on more sensitive skin types, which usually restrict many treatments. It may also help to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, getting rid of dead skin layers and giving it a healthy glow.

2. Turmeric


Although it is relatively new for most of us, it has been used in India for centuries. Some natural cures are not just old wives tales, and turmeric is a good example of that. Although it was used to give skin a healthier, shinier look, it may restrict the growth of body hair.

Turmeric also exhibits some mild medicinal properties as it contains some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It should be mentioned that it is not that good at removing really dense, thick hair. It is best used by those that have lower amounts of body hair.

3. Flour made from Chickpeas

Flour made from Chickpeas

This is another time tested Indian natural remedy. It is commonly used in addition to some turmeric, as the chickpea flour is mixed with either milk or water.

This treatment was often used by mothers, which placed the mixture on their baby’s skin, focusing on face, arms and legs. As was to be expected, in addition to making the skin look healthier, it also encouraged the disappearance of unwanted body hair.

4. Lemons, honey and sugar

Lemons, honey and sugar

This is a rather strange one. Lemon juice is a well-known skin bleacher, as its high concentration of citric acid can remove dark spots and restore and discoloration. A popular usage is when the lemon juice is mixed with sugar and applied to the user’s face. Surprisingly, the acid seems to attack delicate hair follicles, preventing the growth of hairs.

In a more practical way, this sugary lemon juice can also be mixed with honey. Apart from sounding delicious, this sweet and sour mixture can benefit from the same viscosity as wax. If for some reason you are unable to use standard wax, you can always use sugar, honey and lemon juice as a substitute.

5. Eggs


Eggs are known for their protein packed content, but they can have other uses. If the egg white is left to dry on your face, it can take on the same properties as our previous mixture.

It adheres to hairs, and pulls them out when it is removed.

6. Camphor and white peppers

Camphor and white peppers

There are homemade recipes that actually recommend the use of these two ingredients together with kerosene. That should not be attempted under any circumstance. You risk irrevocably damaging your skin, and given the volatile and flammable nature out the mixture, you may also catch fire quite easily.

Kerosene aside, when white peppers and camphor are used, they can actually generate positive results. However, due to the burning sensation that the peppers will cause, it is best to avoid rubbing it on your face. It is preferable that you target the unwanted hair on your legs.

7. Yellow lentil and potato

Yellow lentil and potato

Similar to the lemon’s effects, potatoes are actually good at bleaching skin and hair. If you mix that juice to yellow lentil, honey, sugar and lemon extract, it will attack the hair problem on two fronts.

First, it will lighten to color of existing hairs, providing less contrast with your skin and making them less visible. Second, it will form a crust similar to that of the egg whites, acting as makeshift wax and yanking out facial hairs.

8. Molasses and sugar

Molasses and sugar

Basically any thick, syrupy substance can provide a function similar to that of wax, as long as it is stick and doesn’t damage your skin, you can use it.

9. Safflower and Thanaka

Safflower and Thanaka

The Thanaka is a special tree which has some interesting properties. Its barks is often used in natural hair removal cream, as it is ground up and processed.

Manufacturers and fans of this method claim that it can actually remove some hair permanently, which is an amazing benefit. The powder is often blended with safflower oil, not because the oil has hair removal properties, but it provides an excellent solvent medium for the natural permanent hair removal cream.

10. Spearmint


You may be naturally hairy or you may experience a sudden rise in hair density. This rapid change can be triggered by increased levels of androgen hormones, or increased sensibility of the hair follicles themselves. Either way, you need to the normalize your hormone levels, and spearmint is a great way of doing that.

The remedy is quite easy to prepare, and all that you need is a cup of boiling water, and about 5-6 green leaves. If they are dried, one teaspoon should be enough.

This were the 10 easiest methods for removing unwanted hair naturally, hopefully you find one that suits your needs!

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10 Super Easy Natural Hair Removal tips! [Update 2017]