Philips Lumea Hair Removal System Review [Update 2019]

​​​​Have you been spending the last few hours online looking for a simple IPL hair removal solution but couldn’t find what you were looking for?

Read on to find out all you need to know about the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system.

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What Do Other Customers Say About the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system?

Most of the Philips Lumea reviews we have read are very positive. It scored highly across several consumer review sites. ​It is clear from the reviews that the Philips Lumea hair removal system with IPL technology has come a long way in the past few years. Many of the problems the older models had have since been solved.

What’s Good About It?

Virtually painless – When compared to other hair removal processes, like waxing, IPL hair removal is virtually painless. Most users said the only area where they felt a very mild pain sensation was around the bikini line.

Easy – it really could not be easier to use a Philips IPL hair remover. I found it really easy, and believe me if I find something simple to use so will you. I am a bit of a tech dunce, and have gadgets gathering dust in the wardrobe because I can’t work out how to us them. Philips has made its Lumea models super easy to use.

Costs a fraction of what salon IPL costs – the biggest advantage of this device is the amount of money you will save. How much you have to pay for salon IPL hair removal varies, but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of salon laser hair removal treatment is $329. ​The machines in the Lumea range are inexpensive enough that ​it will probably pay for itself after only a couple of uses.​

What’s Not So Good?

Not everyone can use IPL – There were not that many negative reviews. The few one star reviews seem to have been written by people who did not realise that IPL devices were not suitable for them until they opened the packaging.

Phillips is very clear about the fact that IPL devices cannot be used on areas of the body where there are tattoos, freckles, moles, skin infections and other issues. They also point out that this technology does not work on dark skin or fair/red hair, and state that people with certain conditions, for example epilepsy, cannot safely use IPL to control hair growth.

It takes time – there is a limit on how long you can expose your skin to IPL. Some people were disappointed by the fact that on the face you can only use the system for 1 minute per session. For legs, it is only 8 minutes.

You can actually remove a lot of hair in this time, but it is not like shaving. You have to realise that it will take several weeks of use before you achieve totally smooth results. Some people may buy the product without realising this and are surpised once they try it out.​

However, as we said earlier, the reviews were overall very positive. Therefore, we can highly recommend that our readers consider the Lumea range as a way to remove and control hair growth.

Please read on to find out more about the different machines in the range.

So Many ​Different Models! Which One Do I Choose?

Currently, there are three models in the Philips IPL hair removal range. Here is a quick overview of each of them:

The Lumea Prestige

The top of the line is the Philips Lumea Prestige. This model has the biggest laser head area. Therefore, it clears hair faster than the other models. It has to be plugged into a power source at all times, but has a reasonably long cord.

This is not a cheap model, but it is good quality, and the reviews show that when it comes to IPL systems you generally get what you pay for. Fortunately, recently, the price has started to fall, so you can now buy this high spec model at a discounted price. When we see a good deal we add that link to this website, so that our readers can take advantage of those great discounts.

The Lumea Advanced

The Lumea advanced is the mid-priced option. It is a good all rounder that is good for precision hair removal.

The Lumea Essential

If you are on a budget, this is a great option because it is the cheapest in the range. The Philips Lumea Essential SC1991 is also the smallest in the range, so it takes more passes to remove all of the hair from a specific area. This Philips Lumea compact has the advantage of being lighter and more compact than the other machines in the range, which means it is perfect for travelling.

Almost every Philips Lumea Essential review that we read was positive. Many of those who were not happy enough to give it five out of five still had good things to say about this version of the Philips IPL.

The main frustration was that it was relatively slow to use. I am not the most patient person in the world, so I get why this is annoying, but, in reality, it is a compact model. This means that the surface of the laser is smaller, so it does take a little longer to clear an area of hair.

In addition, the laser is not designed to clear the bikini area. Something Philips is very clear about, but it is a fact that seemed to upset some buyers who bought this model. If you are on a budget, or want an IPL that is compact and easy to use the Essential is definitely the model you should look at first.

What Do All Models Have in Common?

All three models in the Philips Lumea range include the following features:

  • A choice of five intensity levels so you can tailor it to your hair color and skin tone
  • A slide and flash mode
  • A stamp and flash mode
  • A built in safety system
  • An integrated UV filter

From the reviews, it is very clear that they all work really well. Which model you should buy depends on your budget, how fast you want to remove hair, and what areas of the body you want to treat. It is definitely a personal decision, but we can confirm that all three models are very good.

Do I have to buy the latest version to get good results?

Over the years, Philips has updated their IPL devices to eliminate issues and improve them. As a result, buying the Philips Lumea latest model is definitely the best option. However, if you are on a tight budget you can still pick up some of the older versions at a considerable discount.

Many of the Philips Lumea precision IPL hair removal system reviews we read were for the older models. For the most part, they were good too, so we are more than happy to recommend that those on a tight budget consider this option.

Below is an overview of three of the older models that stood out from the crowd while we were doing our research. The all represent particularly good value for money.

Philips Lumea 1992

The Philips Lumea Essential plus SC1992 is an interesting model. It is one of the older models, that is gradually becoming available in the European and American markets as traders buy the old stock up.

This model cannot be used to treat the face, but the few reviews we read indicate that it does a good job for the rest of the body. Therefore, it is well worth considering.

Philips Lumea 2004

The Philips Lumea SC2004 is a slightly earlier version of the Prestige. It is very similar to the current model, but it does not have the precision attachments that are a main feature of the latest version. In addition, the 2004 version of the Lumea Prestige cannot be used on the face.

If you do not need the precision attachments, or want to remove hair from your face, this is an excellent alternative to buying the latest model. Usually you get a great discount, so it is a relatively cheap way to get started with home hair removal.

Philips Lumea TT3003

The Philips Lumea TT3003 is one of the earlier models that were developed with men in mind. It is now quite hard to get hold of a TT3003, but you do occasionally see them available on Amazon.

You cannot use this model on the face or scrotum, but it works well on every other area of the body. Most users were very happy with the overall result.

Many noticed a reduction in hair growth after just one or two sessions, so if you are looking for a fast way to remove hair this is a good model. It seems to work particularly well in the armpit area.

Tria Laser 4X or Philips Lumea, Which is better?

If you are wondering which is best the Tria or Philips Lumea, this section is for you. In the UK, the Tria is very popular, and it is a machine a lot of people ask us about, so comparing the two is relevant for many of our readers.

The first thing to say is that, currently, Tria only makes one model, the 4X. It uses a Diode laser rather than an intense pulsed light system.

A diode laser uses a focused wavelength of light, whereas IPL systems use a range of light wavelengths. Studies show that both approaches work equally well for hair removal.

However, the Tria has a very small laser head, so the area treated is smaller, which means that hair removal takes more time. The other problem is that the company just does not have the same resources as Philips, so it seems to take them a while to get back to customers.

However, the Tria is a device we will be keeping an eye on. If they can solve these issues, and keep the price point as low as it is now, future models could offer fantastic value for money.

What are the most common questions customers have?

During our research, we came across questions that kept on cropping up. We realized that our readers would also be looking for answers to these questions, so we have summarized the most important ones for you below.

​Can you use ​Philips ​Lumea on pubic hair?

If you want to remove pubic hair, you can easily do so​​ with an IPL machine. However, you need to buy a model that is specifically designed for the task.

A great example of a good machine is the Philips Lumea Prestige. Lots of users, both men and women, used this device to remove pubic hair.

The Philips Lumea bikini track record is good. However, you will feel a slight pulling sensation when removing these tougher hairs. This slight pain sensation is a sign that the machine is doing its job. You soon get used to it, but you should be aware of this potential issue.

In addition, you need to understand that IPL cannot be used safely on mucous membrane areas, for example, around the anus, inner labia or the vagina. A Philips Lumea Brazilian is possible, but you have to be really, really careful.​

Does the Philips Lumea really work?

The Philips Lumea before and after photos and videos we have seen are impressive. The reviews for virtually every model were good.

In all cases, there were far more satisfied customers than there were dissatisfied ones. Virtually all of the models average four, or more, out of five in user reviews.

Here’s a very nice and honest video review with some before and after photos:

Can I use Philips Lumea on my face?

The Philips Lumea face attachment that comes with each model allows you to use it on your face, and do so safely. You can use it for a maximum of 1 minute per session on your face, so it will take several days/weeks to treat your whole face.

However, we would advise you to use the machine on other less visible areas of your body first. Some users misjudged the tone of their skin, and used a setting that was too high for their skin tone. They ended up leaving behind little marks. Most users said they faded away over the weeks, but you would not want them on your face, and if you continue to use too high a setting, you can leave permanent scars.

Therefore, our advice is to approach using the device on your face with caution. Start slowly, and only treat a small area, and wait several weeks before carrying out any more treatment. Once you are sure the setting is correct, you can use it every day, but only for the recommended one minute per session.

Using the Philips Lumea on Asian skin

One of the problems with IPL technology is that it does not work well on dark skin. However, while researching the product we did come across Asian users who were using these devices, and were very happy with the results.

One Asian reviewer had great success with the Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003. However, it really does depend on how dark your skin is. The darker your skin is the less likely it is that an IPL hair remover will work for you.

How does Philips Lumea work?

The Philips Lumea works in the same way as any other IPL device. When you press the button, an intense, broad spectrum light is created. This generates a focused heat, which is attracted to the melanin in your skin and hair. Don’t worry it does not feel very hot or burn the skin.

Provided the hairs are dark enough, the heat is concentrated and travels down the shaft into the follicle. When the follicle is in active mode, and the hair is growing, this intense heat damages the follicle. The hair then dies, and falls out.

The heat from the IPL light disables the follicle. This slows down the rate at which it produces new hairs. In addition, any hairs that are produced are far weaker.

A percentage of the follicles stop producing hairs at all. Therefore, you just need to use the IPL device every six to eight weeks to keep the area completely hair free. You can find out more about how IPL works here.

How often can I use Philips Lumea?

If you are anything like me, you are pretty impatient. When I got my first IPL device it was barely out of my hand, but that was a mistake, because I had to wait two weeks before I could repeat the treatment.

This is the case with the modern Lumea models. You can only run the device over each part of your skin once every two weeks. There are also limits on how long you can use the device on a specific area. How long, depends on the model you are using and on the area of the body you are using it on.

​The delicate skin on the face can only withstand one minute of exposure. However, the tougher skin on your legs can usually withstand around 8 minutes. You can treat both legs on the same day, but only for 8 minutes per leg.

Once an area is hair free, you need to retreat it every four to eight weeks. If you do not do this, the hair follicles will re-activate and it will start to grow back.

Your Philips Lumea is not charging?

After a few years, the rechargeable models start to have charging issues. This is typical of any electrical product that relies upon re-chargeable batteries. Eventually, the battery ​may no longer charge at all.

Using a cordless machine is more convenient, but you will eventually have battery problems. Therefore, if you think that you are likely to be a heavy user, it may be better to buy a corded model instead.

Does it have any Side Effects?

There are very few side effects reported by users of the Philips Lumea. However, you have to be careful, and never forget that you are using a device that creates focused heat on your skin. Our advice is to read the entire instruction manual rather than just following the quick start guide.

That way you will avoid putting the machine on too high a setting for your skin type, using it for too long, or using it when you should not e.g. when pregnant or when taking certain drugs. Reading and following the instructions is the best way to avoid side effects.

What’s The Verdict?

The Philips Lumea is a great example of one of the latest home hair removal systems, which are keeping men and women across the world smooth, hair free and beach ready.

If you want an easy to use gadget, that does a great job, the Philips Lumea IPL certainly fits the bill.

Where ​can you buy the Philips Lumea and what’s the best price?

The Philips Lumea is available from a lot of major retailers​. Generally speaking, the ​lowest price will be ​on Amazon.

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