Remington IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Review: Buying Guide For 2019

  • At-home professional hair removal
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven
  • Proprietary ProPulse technology
  • Faster treatment times
  • built-in skin tone sensor, skin contact sensors, five energy levels and corded operation

Due to the technological advancement and the market’s huge need, some of the electronics companies invested a lot of money and resources to create the ultimate hair removal tools that can offer results similar to the ones achieved by paying a visit to a professional cosmetician.

One of these revolutionary tools is the Remington iLIGHT Pro.

For Remington, hair removal tools are some of the best sell products and the reason for that is their amazing properties. If you are looking for a great product that can help you maintain a soft and hairless skin, the Remington I-Light Pro i​s one of the products you must look into. In the following paragraphs you can read everything about this model of the range of Remington’s Laser Hair Removal products.

Our review will help you make the best decision and you will end up with a hair removal tool that really fits your needs.

My in depth review of the IPL6000

Design and functionality

The Remington IPL has a very modern and minimal design. At a first glance, you would think that it’s a mouse, not an IPL device. It has a docking unit for charging and storing.

The Remington IPL6000USA I-light Pro device works very similar to the laser tools used by professional cosmeticians, since it’s based on a light-pulse system that weakens the hair until it stops it’s growth. A powerful light is pulsed in a short flash on the skin.

The results can be noticed after the first couple of weeks and the device, plus the self-preformed treatment are approved by FDA.

The device won’t make the hair fall off, it will just stop its growth with about 45%. For the best results, the IPL tool must be used on hairless skin. The hair removal method required prior to the usage of the Remington I-Light not relevant. However, it’s not wise to use it on irritated skin.

What are the Main Features?

The Remington I-Light Pro is a corded device with an extendable cord that allows easy and comfortable maneuverability. ​The bulb that delivers the intense pulse of light in this device ​will eventually need to be replaced, but ​the cost is less than a printer cartridge. You can find them on websites like Amazon or Walmart.

However, replaceable bulb is offered with every device and if you don’t intend to open your own beauty salon in the living room, the total of 3,000 light pulses will be enough to keep you hairless for many years to come.

The device comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty that must be found in the shipping package, along with the product itself, replacement bulb and user manual. It only weighs one pound.

Here’s some special features you need to check out!

Unless some other IPL devices used in home hair removal treatments, the Remington I-Light Pro offers a longer life for their cartridges, each of them being able to deliver around 1500 powerful light flashes, or the equivalent of three complete hair removal treatments for the most popular shaved areas, such as bikini lines, underarms and lower legs.

The Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro is designed to stop the growth of the body hair, but it seems like many other reviews on the internet are stating that you can use this device for facial hair removal.

Can I Use the IPL6000 On My Face?

Even if it can be efficient for facial hair removal, it’s a little too big and too powerful for the skin of your face, especially if it’s sensitive.


The Remington laser hair removal range also includes a IPL device designed exclusively for facial usage, the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body.

What are the pros of the Remington?

The Remington ​I-Light Pro system is one of the most recommended devices for hair removal treatments. One of the main reasons for its big popularity is the fact that it’s simple to use. It’s also good to know that it was approved by FDA for home usage. The fast charging time of this device is another strong argument for which you should choose it. Besides that, it’s also light, easy to store and not hard to clean.

Where does it fall short?

There are not many cons for this product in particular. The fact that it has an exhaustible light cartridge can’t be considered a down side, because every other IPL device has them and the Remington I-Light Pro is one of the devices with the longest cartridge life. Because of its premium quality, it also has a premium price, which can be a turn off for many buyers.

The biggest problem of this and every other IPL hair removal device is the fact that it only works for people with dark​er hair. Since it reacts only with the color of the hair’s root, it won’t be efficient on blonde, gray or white hair. More than that, its effects are not efficient on dark or tanned skin, because the light impulses won’t pass through the melanin in the skin.

What are people saying about it?

Most of the Remington I-Light Pro reviews coming from customers are positive. Many people who bought this product used it for removing facial skin as well and they reported that it works just as well as it does on other parts of the body, with no side effects.

Most of the people who used this product have reported noticeable results from the first month. In the same time, there are customers who used it for a while, achieved the wanted results and then stopped. These people have mentioned that the hair starts to grow back after about 6 months of not using the device.

Where can i buy it at the best price?

As I mentioned when we discussed the down sides of the Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal System, its price is a little higher than the rest of the products in this category. That’s because of the high quality of the materials used in this device and because of its professional performances.

​Although it’s not as cheap as some devices, this is an investment if you think about how much money you will save on hair removal or on visits to professional beauty salons.

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