Remington iLIGHT Ultra IPL6500 Face and Body: The Ultimate Review

remington I light ultra body and face

The Remington iLight Ultra Hair Removal System is designed for people who are looking for a more permanent alternative to regular waxing or shaving. This system works similarly to a laser, but instead uses a technology called IPL that sends pulses of light to disrupt the hair follicle. It’s convenient and much more affordable than professional laser treatments.

If this sounds like something that you’d use, read on to find out if the Remington iLight Ultra is the right choice for you. We’ll go over all of the positive and negative aspects of this device, as well as key details to help you make an informed decision.

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Pros vs. Cons


  • FDA approved

  • Large treatment area

  • Hair reduction is permanent

  • Spa-like results at a much lower price

  • Works great for people with lighter skin and dark hair

  • Makes hair growth slower, thinner and less abundant

  • Easily stored device

  • Easy assembly


  • May take several weeks to see consistent results

  • Can be painful on certain areas

  • Tedious to complete treatment on a large area

  • Does not work on all hair/skin tones

  • Lamp bulb often burns out prematurely

Key Features of the Remington iLight

The iLight Ultra is a permanent hair removal device that uses IPL technology. It uses a quartz bulb rather than a standard glass bulb, so it's able to last for a longer time. The quartz bulb emits rapid flashes of light, which zap the hair follicle and disrupt growth from the root. This is a permanent solution, unlike waxing or shaving.

This device also stands out in that it's able to treat both your hair and your face, and has specific attachments for each. It's only suitable for women's facial hair, however. The iLight Ultra claims to reduce hair growth by up to 94% within just 3 treatments, though individual results vary.

  • Treats 2-3 sq cm of skin at a time

  • Permanently reduces hair growth in treated area

  • Powered by electrical cord

  • Five different intensity levels

  • Quartz bulb

Remington iLight Ultra Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

The Remington iLight consists of a handheld device as well as a dock. The device uses a quartz lightbulb, which keeps working for more uses than a traditional bulb. It also includes two treatment caps for the face and the body, and there are different intensity levels for different types of hair. This allows you to customize the device to your own treatment area, hair type, and pain tolerance.

This device is corded, not battery-powered. Some people may assume that a portable battery-powered device is more convenient, but the cord eliminates the need to recharge.

This device is quite durable and well-made. The quartz bulb does occasionally burn out prematurely, which can pose a problem if your iLight is out of warranty.

Ease of Use

The device is ergonomic and comfortable in the hand, though it can require some contortion to do difficult-to-reach areas like the back. It's not too big, not too small. The controls and settings are intuitive and straightforward.

Unlike some other home hair removal devices, this one can be used on both body hair and facial hair, so you don’t have to bother buying two different devices. It also has a larger than typical treatment area, which cuts time off of each session. All of this makes this device quite user-friendly.


This is a permanent hair removal solution, but it takes some time to see those results. The IPL technology disrupts the hair follicle, permanently stopping growth at the root. This hair removal device can reduce hair up to 94% in 3 treatments.

Depending on a variety of factors, including your skin tone and the type of hair, it may be less effective, but most people see noticeable hair reduction within 2 to 4 treatments. When used according to the directions, this device is very effective.

Pain Level

The sensation of using the iLight Ultra depends on the type of hair and skin. Usually, zapping coarser hair such as the bikini area will be more painful, while thin facial hair hurts less. In general, the pain level is not very high.

It’s akin to be snapped with a rubber band with each flash of the light. Shaving the hair down completely before pulsing it is a good way to reduce pain as much as possible.


The Ultra is a mid-range hair removal device. At $449.99, it's twice the price of some more budget-friendly options, but it's also more versatile and has a larger treatment area.

How Does It Compare?

Remington iLight Ultra vs Tria Laser 4X

The Tria Laser 4X uses laser technology rather than IPL, so it penetrates more deeply into the skin and has quicker results than the iLight Ultra. However, it’s also more costly and can be more painful. It also has a smaller treatment area than the iLight Ultra.

The Laser is good for those who want fast results on a small area, while the Ultra is better for those who want to remove hair all over their body and face.

Remington iLight Ultra vs Remington iLight Pro & Pro Plus

The Ultra and Pro Plus both use a quartz bulb, while the Pro uses a standard glass bulb. The Ultra is recommended for use on body hair as well as facial hair, while the Pro and Pro Plus are for body hair only.

The Pro and Pro Plus also have a slightly smaller treatment area than the Ultra. Thus, the Ultra is a more versatile device while the Pro Plus is better suited for those who only want to use their device on specific body areas. The Pro is great for those who are on a budget, as it's a fraction of the price of the other two.

Remington iLight Ultra vs Philips Lumea

The Philips Lumea is another popular IPL hair removal system. It’s great for those who prefer a cordless device. The battery takes 6-7 hours to charge. It’s also about half the price of the iLight Ultra, and can be used on the face or body. Unlike the iLight Ultra, the Lumea doesn’t require replacement bulbs. The Lumea is good for those who are on a budget, while the iLight Ultra has faster results.

Where Can I Find the Remington iLight Ultra with Lifetime Cartridge?

The iLight Ultra is available online on websites such as Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target. It’s also available directly from Remington. This popular hair removal device is usually in stock.

You may also need to purchase a replacement bulb or a lifetime cartridge for the Ultra. A lifetime cartridge will allow you to use the device indefinitely without needing to replace further parts. Replacement bulbs are available online on Amazon, Target, and Remington, and you can buy lifetime cartridges from websites such as eBay.

Best Price and Where to Buy

The iLight Ultra is available from Remington for $449.99. You can often find it for less on websites such as Amazon; however, these prices change up to daily, so you should check back on a regular basis to find the best deal.

You can also buy the iLight Ultra at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

Is the Remington iLight Ultra Right For You?

If you’re looking for a mid-range hair removal device that has permanent results, the Ultra is a great pick. It’s safe, versatile and easy to use at home. Although you may have to purchase additional quartz bulbs, it’s still much more affordable than professional treatments.

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