BellaLite By Silk n Hair Removal Review – A Crazy deal!

UPDATE 2018: The BellaLite seems to be discontinued, but the Silk’n Sensepil (below) has very similar features!

BellaLite By Silk’n is one of the most affordable and efficient alternative for the expensive sessions of laser epilation at beauty salons. BellaLite By Silk’n is an IPL device (Intense Pulse Light), which is basically the home version of laser epilators. The Silk n hair removal device offers a great way of forgetting about your unwanted hair and giving up on shaving or other painful epilation methods. The results are not permanent, but once you finished the treatment, the maintenance of a smooth and hairless skin is very low. After the first four months of treatment, you will be able to give up on razors or tweezers and only use this device only once a month. A monthly home laser treatment session is enough to free you from any other form of epilation.

Overall Review of BellaLite By Silk’n

The main reason for which you should choose this device is its ease of use. Since it’s user-friendly, it’s perfect for the women who haven’t tried an IPL device before. And since it’s not expensive and most of the manufacturer has a money-back policy, you won’t lose anything if you decide you don’t like it. A better solution for this eventual problem is to buy it from a retailer that has a refund policy.

However, we think this will be one of the wisest investments you will do for your beauty. Besides the fact that it will save you time and money wasted at the beauty salon, it’s also built to last. The materials and parts used by the manufacturer are high quality, so it won’t break down so easily. Not even if used in moist environments. However, this kind of devices are not waterproofs, so don’t use them in the bath-tub or shower.

Safety is very important for the manufacturers of BellaLite By Silk’n. That’s why they requested certification from the FDA before launching their product on the market. Also, the manufacturer included clear instructions on who and under what circumstances can use it. If you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, there will be no side effects. It’s also safe to use in delicate areas, such as face, underarms or bikini lines. However, you should make sure not to use them on extra sensitive areas, such as genitals or lips, as well as on rashes, tattoos, freckles or moles.

The pain level caused by silk n laser hair removal is one of the lowest among these. Some of the IPL epilators will cause a burning sensation when used at maximum level. The BellaLite By Silk’n will cause a little static shock-like feeling, even at maximum capacity. ‘

Additional features

As I said earlier, this device is perfect if you never tried IPL epilation before. The manufacturer put together an amazingly structured and reader-friendly user manual. More than that, you will get and instructional DVD once you buy this product.

The warranty of BellaLite is offered by the manufacturer and it extends over two years. In most cases, the clients never needed the warranty, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


The device has a consumable lamp, which will last about 750 pulses. Included in the selling package, you will find two replacements for this lamp. This will assure the flashes needed for a full epilation treatment and the maintenance for the year to come. After all three lamps are consumed, you can buy a 3 Pack of Silk’n Lamp Cartridges from Amazon for a pretty good price considering how long these will last you.


The biggest advantage of this device is that it can be used by anyone. That and it’s low price has made it highly popular, both online and in stores. It has a large lamp, which means you will cover more skin area, cutting off from the time and number of flashes of a treatment session. The clear and comprehensive instructions offered by the manufacturer can be consider as an upside of this device.


One of the biggest downsides of this device is the fact that it’s not addressed to everyone. Women with dark skin or light hair won’t be able to enjoy the results of the Silk’n hair removal device. Even if some of the Bellalite reviews will tell you that it’s suited for everyone, don’t get high hopes. Make sure this device its good for you. Otherwise, buying it will be a waste of money and you can even end up damaging your skin.

Customers’ thoughts

We were curious to find out what other women think about this product. So we started to perform a little research in some major online shops and read the reviews they left. Many of them are from people who bought the product and left the review right after they got it. No one could give reliable silk n reviews after the first treatment session, but anyway. We looked for reviews from customers who know what they are talking about. From the average BellaLite review of the customers, we can get that the Silk’n hair removal device is most efficient on the skin of the face and less on that of the front side of the leg. In general, people rating this product four or five stars.


Even if the price of this device is not cheap, you can usually get a decent price on Amazon. However, even if it’s more expensive than a regular epilator device, it costs way less than a laser treatment in a beauty center. This silk n laser hair removal system is a wise buy, which will save you time and a lot of money.


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