Silk’n Flash and Go Reviews: Does It Really Work?

If you want a device that will remove your hair with almost permanent results, this is the right place for you. In the following paragraphs, we will cover the Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal device, this device uses IPL technology. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), is based on the same concept as laser machines at the beauty salon.

Which means that the ​Silk’n Flash&Go can potentially help you achieve the laser epilation results, at home. It’s true that the treatment will take a little bit longer and you will need monthly maintenance sessions.

​However, the product comes for just a little more than a visit at the beauty salon. Read more about the Flash and Go hair removal style and decide if it’s a good option for you! I’ll give you a hint, financially speaking, it’s exactly what you need

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What’s great about the Flash and Go?

There are many Silk’n hair removal products, but the model we’re covering here, the Flash and Go is probably going to become the best-seller for the manufacturer. It recently became amazingly popular, but not just because of the price. The device offers a certain level of​ comfort to any woman using it.

It’s a corded device, so you will be able to use it from the moment of plugging, no charging needed. It has a friendly design, with suggestively printed buttons and functions.

Be aware! This technology will not be efficient and it’s not recommended ​if you have darker skin or very blonde hairs. It uses the Home Pulsed Light, a variation of the classic IPL technology, which aims to target the dark pigment of your hair.

The intense pulse will disable the cells of the hair root and inhibit growth. You will need about 3 to 4 months of treatment, of two or three sessions every month, for getting good results. After that, you will be able to give up on shaving and just use the device once every month.

The results will be the same for men too. But, while women can safely use the device on their face, men won’t be able too. The hairs on a man’s face are thicker, more dense and darker. The device will not be efficient in that case.

To find out if the tone of your skin, the density of the hairs or the area is suited for you, all you need is to place the device over the area you want to epilate.

It has a built-in sensor which will turn the device on only under the correct conditions. The sensitive areas are safe during this kind of epilation treatment, but not on extra sensitive skin, such as lips, genitals or bruises.

What about additional features?

The cartridge of the new Silk​ n Flash​ and Go have been improved, being more efficient than the ones offered even by the most popular of the manufacturers. The light source of this device will emit about 5,000 pulses, while other cartridges are good for 750-1,500 flashes. The 4cm wide head is perfect for narrow areas, as the underarms or bikini line.

Does it come with accessories?

Besides the device and the power adapter, when you buy the Flash’n Go from the beauty store, or when you order it online, you will get a couple of extra things. First of all, a User Manual and an instructional DVD.

These will be useful for women or men trying this hair removal machine for the first time. Second, two spare light cartridges are included, so you will have over 15,000 flashes at your disposal. These are more than enough for a year of smooth and hairless skin.


There are many things that could make want to you buy this tool, but the ​biggest reason is the price. In addition, the manufacturer went the extra mile to make his product safe.

The sensor won’t let you use the device on areas that can be easily damaged by the powerful flashes of light. Also, it’s approved by FDA and it causes a low level of pain. A one-year warranty is offered by the company producing it, but you can get a longer warranty period from a large retailer, as part of a promotional offer.


Even if it’s a new hair removal device, the Silk’n Flash and Go didn’t adapted their lamp’s technology to the new one that offers results regardless of skin and hair tones or tattoos. Some people won’t like the fact that it’s a corded device, but personally, I’m not affected by that. I don’t plan using it in some place where I wouldn’t have a power source near me. It’s not like you will use the Silk’n Flash and Go on ​your commute to work.

What are other customers saying?

Most of the people buying it have mentioned that the pain is so much easier to handle than in other cases.

Keep in mind​, this is a device meant for medium to long period treatments, not for instant epilation. People who thought the IPL device ​would make the hair fall off ​instantly will surely give a one star review. Most of the ​​reviews from reliable customers are​ very high, but the most common complaint is that it isn’t cordless​.

What’s The Best Price And Where can I Buy it?

​The Silk’n Flash & Go is sold by major retail​ers as well as local beauty shops. It will usually be a bit more expensive at beauty shops, but it’s ​still cheaper than high-end devices.

Are you intrigued yet? 🙂

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