Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

There are many hair removal methods, but the most efficient, money and time saving is using a​ laser device. One of those devices is the Tria Laser 4x, a well-built and reliable hair removal system​, and one of the best permanent hair removal solutions that we’ve found.

We will cover everything from key features and accessories to customers’ Tria laser reviews and price. So keep on reading and find out if ​home laser hair removal is ​the right option for you!

​What’s Interesting About the Tria?

In case you don’t already know, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x is a small and elegant device, about the size of a blow-dryer. ​Much like an IPL device, it heats up the root of your hairs until the follicle cells are dead and the hair not only falls off, but ​then takes longer to grow back.

The results of this epilator are not immediate, unlike epilators with tweezers. You will need to use this device for about 3 months, once every couple of weeks. After that, a monthly or b​i-monthly usage is more than enough​ to keep smooth skin.

However, the Tria laser hair removal is not ​​for ​everyone. It only works on light-toned skin and darker hair. That’s because the pulse of light targets the dark pigment of the hair’s root.

This device is cordless, and you will have to charge it for a couple of hours before using it. The battery life goes a little over an hour, which is more than enough time for a full body laser session.

Before using it, you​’ll have to wash, shave, and dry your skin. The device is extra safe and i​s approved by FDA for home use.

It’s the first model produced by this company that can be safely used on sensitive areas such as underarms and face. It’s not ​recommended for women under 18 years old or ​who are pregnant or nursing.

​It also should not be used by women with dark skin tones (​you may want to check out the Me Smooth, which works on any skin tone). ​Like most lasers and IPLs, the Tria will absorb too much light, damaging the skin tissue. For the same reason, it’s also recommended not to be used over tattoos, birth marks, freckles, or moles.

Even if it’s good for your face and bikini line, it shouldn’t be used on genitals, ear canal, or nipples. Be aware! This device is not suitable for men, especially ​on the face. That’s because of the thickness​ of ​men’s facial and body hair.

The device has five power settings. The discomfort you experience will be affected by them, but also by your pain tolerance level. Even if you ​are tempted to use it at the fifth power level for more rapid results, you should adjust the level ​according to the pain you can ​tolerate. Many people also prefer to use a cooling gel to reduce discomfort.​


​First​, the Tria uses the same technology ​laser clinics. Second, it has additional safety features​ to prevent adverse side effects. It won’t need cartridge changing, since the lamp will run perfectly for a very long time. It offers very fast results, with noticeable improvements after only two months of using it.


​The Tria’s instructions include an activation link that you’ll need to follow to activate the product. This needs to be done before you can start using it, ​so some users find it inconvenient. But this is just a safety measure that keeps women from hurting themselves, and luckily ​the activation only needs to be done once. ​The only real con I see is the fact that you will need to fully charge the device before using it.

Does It Have Any Additional features?

The Tria laser hair removal system is one of the most professional devices on the market. It has both useful and safety features. It comes with a multifunctional LED display. This lets you know the battery life and how many pulses have you used. ​Additionally, the device ​will analyze your skin and let you know if you are safe and ready for the epilation session.

What Do Other Customers Say?

From the Tria laser reviews offered by women who already own this product, it’s a worthwhile buy. There are some women ​that complain about the results of their treatments with this device. However, the device works well as long as you use it as recommended, keeping in mind th​at it is ​intended only for certain skin tones and hair colors.

What’s The Best Price And Where Can I Get It?

As you might expect, a device that provides professional results will have a price to match – and in this case it does cost more than many other devices. ​

Th​e Tria laser is sometimes sold along with a special cooling gel. The gel won’t enhance the results​, but it does have a calming and cooling effect to make everything more comfortable. So ​if you are resistant to pain, you might as well save a few bucks and get the device alone 🙂

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