Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Review – Men’s best depilatory!

Many men have been searching for a product similar to those made for women that will help with easy hair removal.

That is where the Veet For Men Gel Cream comes in and fills a long standing void. This product is extremely different from normal hair removal creams for women because it is a hair removal cream that has been made especially for a man.

Not only is it formulated for men’s skin and needs but it takes much less time than the other hair removal methods. This product has been long overdue on the market, there should be more products like this geared towards men so that they do not have to use the women’s versions.

Update: We just recently reviewed a well known hair removal cream in our article on the best permanent hair removal methods, which also has a male version. Make sure to check it out!

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What Are the Key features?

This product has a lot of key features that make it unique and a must use for any on the go man. To begin it is the fastest hair removal cream ever formulated for men. It quickly removes unwanted body hair and leaves your skin looking and feeling very smooth.

The smoothness lasts ​twice as long as regular shaving does, so you do not have to waste time daily shaving. When using this cream it only takes 4 minutes to start removing your hair. It has an easy rinsing formula that will even rinse off in the shower. It is convenient, and it also works on many body areas.


The Veet hair removal for men cream has many pros going for it. This cream has a gentle on the skin formula that will not cause any rashes. Also since you are not using a razor you will not have any of the typical razor issues you have when shaving, such as prickly regrowth of the hair and razor rash.

This cream will also help save you a lot of time. It shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes to work therefore you could have your whole face or chest hair-free in 6 minutes instead of all the time it takes to shave.


There are some cons to this hair removal cream for men. It might not work after the first 4 minutes of application. Sometimes you must apply it for 6 minutes but you should not exceed 6 minutes or it could cause it skin irritation and it will not work any better the longer you leave it on.

Also if you have sensitive skin this cream might not be right for you. It could be too harsh and cause more problems while not removing hair. Therefore you might want to test the cream on a small patch of skin before using it on a larger area.

Applying and removing the cream can also be a problem. If you are applying it with your hand you should wash them thoroughly after you apply the cream -to remove it you must use the spatula that they provide. The spatula will break the hair that has been weakened by the cream, and if you do not use this spatula to remove the hair then it might not remove the hair properly. This tool might make the time you use the cream from start to finish too long for some people.

What are other customers saying?

The ​customer ratings for this product are impressively high. There are very few unfavorable reviews about this product. The general con​sensus is that it’s better to shower first and then apply the cream because it works better on clean hair and skin.​

Many other reviewers discussed how happy they were with this product and how it had changed their lives by giving them more time to do other things instead of shave.

What’s the best price and where can I buy it?

This product ​is very inexpensive, especially compared to an IPL device like the Veet ​Infini’silk ​Pro which is pretty ​pricy. This cream can be used just about anywhere on the body. Therefore depending on which area of the body you are planning on removing hair from, which will determine how many tubes you should buy. For example if you are removing the hair from your chest you might need a couple of tubes.

This product is very good value when you factor in how much money is spent monthly on razors and other shaving gear. It is important to find a product that works for you. Once a person does that they usually end up using the same product for many years. For a comparison with Nair (another popular option), you can see our thoughts on Veet vs Nair here.

The Veet For Men Gel Cream makes hair removal much easier for men. It takes a concept that has been used for women’s hair removal for years and makes it man friendly. It is fast, easy to use and it works very well. This product is changing men’s hair removal and making it easier for men to keep up with hair removal on their faces and bodies.

Since people today have less time to spend on things like hair removal this product really does appeal to many. There are very few bad reviews for this product which might be caused by people not knowing how to properly or safely use the cream so overall, i would say this is a great product.

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