Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Review: Men’s Best Depilatory!

If you’re a guy who wants to remove body hair, you may have heard of products like Veet or Nair, which a lot of women use. But you may not realize that these companies also make products specifically for men.

Veet for Men Gel Cream is one of these products.

It’s specially formulated for men’s skin and needs, and if you’re used to shaving you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast and effective it is. Best of all, you won’t have to “borrow” your girlfriend’s hair removal cream.

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Update: We just recently reviewed a well known hair removal cream in our article on the best permanent hair removal methods, which also has a male version. Make sure to check it out!

What is hair removal cream?

Hair removal creams (AKA depilatory creams) use chemicals like sodium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate to dissolve hair.

To use it, all you have to do is apply the cream and let it sit for a few minutes (make sure to follow the directions on the container). Then, wipe it off with a towel – or, if it includes a plastic spatula, use that instead. The hair should come off along with the cream, leaving your skin smooth.

Veet for Men features

Veet for Men has a number of features that make it unique. First, it’s one of the fastest hair removal creams formulated for men. It quickly removes unwanted body hair and leaves your skin looking hand feeling smooth.

The results last twice as long as shaving does, so you don’t have to waste time shaving every day. It only takes 4 minutes for Veet to start removing hair. It is easy to rinse off, and you can even rinse it off in the shower. It can be use on many different areas of the body. 

Which parts of the body can Veet be used on?

This product is designed for the upper body and legs. So this product can be perfect for removing chest or back hair.

Can it be used on the face?

It isn’t designed to be used for facial hair removal, but some men have had decent luck with it. The main problem is that men’s facial hair tends to be thicker than body hair, and there are very few hair removal techniques (other than shaving) that can be used by all men.

Veet also makes a facial hair removal cream. However, it is designed for women’s facial hair, which is thinner.

So we don’t recommend using this to get rid of a beard. Unless your beard is very thin, it probably won’t work well, and you could risk burning your face.


Veet for Men has many advantages. The formula is gentle on the skin, and it doesn’t cause rashes in most men (but it’s a good idea to do a spot-check, just to make sure).

Since you aren’t using a razor, you won’t have to deal with any of the pesky shaving issues, such as prickly stubble or ingrown hairs (AKA razor burn). 

The cream does take a few minutes to work, but it only takes a few seconds to apply. That means you can remove hair from several areas of your body, and it won’t take much more time than doing a single, small area. By contrast, shaving is more labor-intensive, so it could take a much longer time to shave your whole body.


There are of course some cons. The time required may vary from guy to guy, so if it doesn’t work in the first 4 minutes, you may have to leave it on for a total of 6 minutes. However, it’s important not to leave it on your skin for longer than that, as it could irritate or burn your skin.

You may need to do a bit of experimentation to find the ideal amount of time to use.

If you have very sensitive skin, this cream might not be right for you. That’s because you may not be able to leave it on your skin to fully dissolve the hairs. For any new hair removal cream, you should first test it on a small, less visible area before tackling larger areas.

Hair removal creams can also be messy. If you’re applying it with your hands, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward – you don’t want the cream to stay on your skin all day!

If the cream includes a spatula, use it. The spatula scrapes along the surface of your skin, cleanly breaking any hairs that have been weakened by the cream. The results will generally be better when using the spatula vs. using your hands, although it may take longer.

What are other customers saying?

The ​customer ratings for this product are impressively high, with very few negative reviews. The general consensus is that it’s better to shower first and then apply the cream because it works better on clean hair and skin.​

Many other reviewers discussed how happy they were with this product and how it had changed their lives by giving them more time to do other things instead of shave.

What’s the best price and where can I buy it?

This product ​is very cheap, especially compared to IPL devices or epilators. Depending on what part of the body you want to use it on, you may want to buy two or three tubes to make sure you’ll have enough to finish the job.

For a comparison with Nair (another popular option), you can see our thoughts on Veet vs. Nair here.

The Veet for Men Gel Cream makes hair removal much easier for men. It is fast, easy to use, and works very well. Since most people don’t have lots of time to spend on things like hair removal, anything that makes it faster is a great thing in our opinion!

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