Veet Hair Removal Gel Review – Your #1 affordable choice?

We live in an age where grooming your body hair is as important as getting a haircut. However, the removal of excess hair is a time consuming process. Many people simply don’t have time for it, especially if they’re using a traditional razor. Shaving can also lead to the dreaded ingrown hair.

Luckily, hair removal creams offer a solution – and Veet is one of the most popular options.

What’s Interesting About Veet?

Veet hair removal gel offers its customers a quicker, easier way. Creams are far better, as they eliminate the discomfort of using a traditional razor. Razor burns will be a thing of the past, with Veet hair removal cream.

  • Get touchably smooth skin in just minutes
  • Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Restore skin’s hydration levels

Most users are pleased with the soothing effect, as it hydrates the areas where it is applied. It also targets the hair follicle root that is located in the skin, thus making it grow back slower. It satisfies an important need, without compromising comfort.

It contains calming substances, making it one of only products that are useful for those with sensitive skin. There are other hair removal products out there, but few manage to protect your sensitive areas.

Most bottles include a spatula and a small pump, so you won’t have to apply the Veet cream with your hands. Its active ingredients are complemented by soothing essential oils and Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a very prolific ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry, and it has been used since ​ancient times. Advocates claim that is has special restorative properties, revitalizing and healing one’s skin.

Veet gel can also be used as a pubic hair removal cream. The product undoubtedly works, as it removes most of the targeted hair. Some stray hairs may remain, but they are easily removed with tweezers or razors. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons


​​It is fast acting, requiring only a few minutes of contact. Usually after you apply a hair removal cream your skin gets very dry. Veet hair removal gel cream combats the discomfort of having itchy, red skin, and replaces it with a refreshing sensation. It is very easy to use, you only need to spread the cream on yourself, and wait for the results. In a majority of cases, it rarely takes more than five minutes.

Most customers claim that they have spread it on all areas of their skin, including their pubic area, back, arms and abdomen. Veet facial hair removal is also quite effective, but those with extra-sensitive skin should proceed with caution. Any person can enjoy it, but it should be kept out of reach of small children.


​Some Veet hair removal reviews express negative opinions. Regardless of the reason, it simply does not work for a few customers. They claim negative or limited results, not enough incentive to justify another purchase. They even leave it on for more than it is recommended, and still their hair does not fall out. That is extremely dangerous because any hair removal cream, no matter how mild, may cause chemical burns after periods of long exposure.

Even when burns are avoided, a minority of consumers experience an extreme burning sensation, or nasty rashes. Also, regardless of its effectiveness, hair removal cream will never be as efficient as waxing. The results are the same, but when you remove the hair with wax, it takes way longer to grow back. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using it on your most delicate areas, such as bikini lines. There isn’t any specific rule against it, but its better to be safe, rather than sorry.

There is nothing dangerous in applying the cream on the top of your lip. But if you are one of those people that are extremely sensitive to any skin solution, you wouldn’t want to risk a nasty rash in such a visible place. Somehow, a huge red patch is less embarrassing if it can be covered up with clothes.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

​On Amazon, Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream ​generally gets positive reviews. Most people appreciate its overall versatility, and the company’s determination to eliminate rashes and dry skin. Some users complain about skin irritation when using this product. No solution will work for everyone, but a vast majority of those who have tried it, are satisfied with the result.

Some users also complain about the spatula, ​finding it ​less effective. Its large surface area allows for easy application of the solution, but it often slows down its removal. It is better to wash it off, or use a towel, rather than using the spatula. This comment was surprisingly common, and it deserved to be mentioned.

What’s The Best Price And Where Can I Buy It?

For such a top of the line product, it is extremely affordable. I cannot speak for minor retailers, but all of the major commercial chains offer this product ​for a very competitive price. The value is great, given that it eliminates the need to purchase any other hair removal products. It works perfectly fine on its own, no need for any razors.

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